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Weekly Cool Stuff 5

That’s right folks, it’s WCS time again… and this is our fifth installment. This week I have more strange but nevertheless interesting links for your clicking pleasure.

Is Gmail too boring for you? Want a really exclusive email address? So exclusive that some web forms are unable to read your email address. Heck, some email app couldn’t even configured with this exclusive email address. Yes? Well, check out the world’s longest alphabetical email address. And yeah, it’s free too.

Lately, I seem to have this thing about playing Flash games with lots of spewing blood, heh. Let me just share with you two of my favourites. First up is Extreme Pingu. Basically this is your typical Smack the Pingu game, with extra blood, gore and some exploding mines to boot. Well, to me it’s much more exciting than the original, which was introduced to me by Lainie.

The second game is a recent favourite of mine. It requires more brainpower compared to the Pingu game… but nothing a pre-schooler can’t handle; check out Bow Man. Basically this is like the old classic Gorilla game bundled with QBasic. However, unlike the Gorilla game, Bow Man’s fun comes mostly from seeing your opponent bleed profusely when your well-aimed arrow hits him. Too win, shoot the bugger at the head. To add more challenge and fun to the game, add a wall and some wind.

Now on to more informative links. I stumbled upon tutor2u while searching for some marketing reference material. I must say I’m quite impressed by the quality of content available on this web site. Other than Marketing, they also have materials on Production and Operations, Politics and Strategy, among others. The notes are short and compact, so if you’re looking for thesis-length reports, this web site is probably not really meant for you. The notes presented are more useful as refresher materials for something you have studied before.

Only in America, land of patents and litigation, can we find things that are Patently Absurd! Some of the things shown here are really unbloodybelievable… take the Beerbrella for example. The first thing that crossed my mind when seeing that was, “WTF?!”. I think you might want to browse through the pages yourself.

Another site which I found very interesting is Koders, the source code search engine. Here you can find sample code implementations for multiple programming languages. From Ada to VB.Net it’s all there, heck, you could even filter your results according to the code license. To help you get started properly, check these results first before proceeding 🙂

I guess that’s all for this week’s WCS. I have something exciting, although quite personal to share with you sometime in the middle of next week. But you have to wait until Tuesday to find out what it is.

3 responses to “Weekly Cool Stuff 5”.

  1. Lainie Says:

    ooooh…..all you have to do it get it right through the heart to win..Fun game, bowman 😀

  2. HTNet Says:

    2 Days Into My New Job

    Like I mentioned in the last WCS, I got some news to share. Yeah, I know that I said it’ll be made known on Tuesday, but guess what… I lied. Heh!
    Anyway, Tuesday was my last day with Super Success Dynamics. I really enjoyed working with th…

  3. codase Says:

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