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Coding Misstep Forces Impending Moz Apps Updates

It seems that the recent Firefox, Thunderbird and the Mozilla Suite security updates may have caused some problems with third party extensions.

C|Net news has coverage on this issue. As a consequence of this impending update, developers have been asked to temporarily halt their localisation efforts. This seems to have caused a storm in the dev circle, here’s a quote from the C|Net article:

“We are getting lots of e-mails from Firefox users in Poland asking us about why isn’t Firefox 1.0.5 available in Polish,” wrote one developer in the localization newsgroup.

“A few days more, and it’s gonna be a big public relations disaster for Firefox outside the U.S.A.,” the developer added.

Another developer attacked the foundation in its bug-reporting forum.

“Tens of millions of users are still using 1.0.4 while critical security bugs are already published after en-US (U.S. English) 1.0.5 release,” the developer wrote.

At the time of this post, both the Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla web sites have yet to update the download link to point to the new versions.

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  1. Lainie Says:

    tsk. such a good headstart, silly way to screw up