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Universal Document Converter: A Document Compatibility Problem Solver

Universal Document Converter

The advent of computing makes document management much easier from the days of pen and paper. Reproduction and duplication nowadays are close to 100% pixel perfect.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that that modern document management doesn’t come with negative issues of its own. With the current batch of software, compatibility is one of the major culprit that is faced by organizations of all sizes.

A software solution that admirably reduces this issue is Universal Document Converter; an application that can convert literally all document formats into Adobe PDF files, a global standard in portable computer generated documents.

If you’re used to dealing with document compatibility issues, you may already be thinking “This is hardly innovative, my current document conversion system already does this.” That’s a common presumption when dealing with document conversion software. However, what sets Universal Document Converter apart from the competition is the sheer number of other alternative formats it support:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • PCX
  • DCX

Let’s face it, Adobe PDF is without a doubt the most universally adopted document format right now. However, there are times when the intended recipient doesn’t have a PDF viewer installed. Supplementing your document with a natively supported image version of it in JPEG format virtually guarantees that 99.9% of your recipients will be able to view the information.

Access to documentation; and more importantly, the information being relayed by the document; means that decision making processes are aided significantly. This in turn reduces costs and turnaround time.

On the topic of time, I’ve yet to find a document conversion program that performs as fast as Universal Document Converter. Documents are converted within seconds (usually almost instantaneous for a medium sized text document), with the output file ready to be attached and delivered before you know it.

So you might be thinking, “Well, maybe the conversion process is fast. But I’m sure that the software must be quite complicated to configure.” Fortunately, such statements are way off the mark.

How complicated is the process of printing a document? For literally all decent software, this is often a one click process. Just click on the Print button and your document is churned out on the printer.

With Universal Document Converter, it is exactly the same! Universal Document Converter operates by installing itself as a virtual printer. You simply need to send select Universal Document Converter under the list of installed printers and your document is converted just like that. You can view a demo video of Universal Document Converter in action.

If for any reason you need to adjust the preconfigured default settings of your output files, it is presented in an intuitive Settings tab under the printer properties window.

So how much would you expect to pay for such a useful document conversion software? Unbelievably, Universal Document Converter’s pricing starts at $20 per copy for orders between 50 to 100 copies. A single user license costs only $69.

Imagine, for an investment under $100, you’d be able solve your document compatibility issues once and for all. Perhaps you need a test drive before making a decision. Why not download a trial version of Universal Document Converter and take it for a test drive.

Mind you, this is not a crippled version of the software; it is a 100% full featured version of the program that does not have any time limitation. The only difference from the full version is that the trial includes a watermark on the outputted documents.

In conclusion, I find Universal Document Converter to be a simple install and forget solution to overcome document conversion issues. Aided by an easy to understand interface, it’s definitely a time saver; not to mention a cure for document compatibility headaches!

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored. However, this is my objective review of Universal Document Converter.

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