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Graphical vi/vim Cheat Sheet

vi (or vim, which is what vi symlinks to in modern *nix distros) is my preferred command line text editor. Those who are new to Linux are often confused by how vi functions. It can definitely be a challenge to figure out how this text editor works if all the text editing you’re used to happens to be in Notepad.

Actually, vi is quite easy to be tamed into “usable” mode, ie. to edit a few lines of text here and there. However, in order to get the most out of your vi experience, you might want to check out the graphical vi/vim cheat sheet. It will definitely improve your productivity while editing in vi.

Firefox Released

There’s a new version of my preferred web browser. Firefox is available for download. Release notes can be read here.

NVidia Linux Drivers Feed Passed First Test

NVidia has updated it’s Linux display drivers. The latest version is 1.0-8756, and it was released on 7 April 2006. This is the first update to the Linux NVidia display drivers in almost four months.

The good news is that my Latest NVidia Linux display drivers feed managed to successfully capture this release and updated itself. It’s safe to say that it passed this test with flying colours 🙂

Overview of CSS Positioning

CSS is a powerful tool to control the look and layout of a web page. Mastering the manipulation of element styling can be quite easy, even by someone who’s totally new to CSS. However, positioning elements can be quite a challenging task.

I stumbled upon Learn CSS Positioning in 10 Steps and must say that it is the most descriptive, well organised and intuitive CSS positioning tutorial I’ve seen. I definitely recommend it for people who want to understand CSS positioning in a short period of time.

Man Hit with RM806.4 Trillion TM Bill

First and foremost, a simple introduction for HTNet’s non-Malaysian visitors; TM: a monsterous Malaysian GLC, which holds an almost total monopoly on fixed telephone lines and broadband internet access in Malaysian. If you think these guys can’t be good, you’re absolutely right. To put it simply, they’re like Microsoft, minus the innovation and R&D.

Anyway, TM decided to slap a poor guy with a bill for RM806.4 trillion (roughly US$212 trillion)! Unsuprisingly, Yahaya Awab was shocked when he received the bill… it’s just slightly below ten times of Malaysia’s GDP.

I’ve heard about hundreds of tales regarding the incompetence and stupidity of TM, but this one is the best one ever.