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Sad Weekend For Me

Sorry for not posting for the past couple of days. I just didn’t have anything to write about. Worst still, I’ve gone through what probably was the saddest weekend of my life as a family man.

On Saturday, I brought my wife to the gynecologist. We’re expecting our second child. However, upon examination, the doctor said that there’s been no growth at all since the last check up. There’s also no foetal echo (ie. no heartbeat detected).

And today, my wife started bleeding. I took her to the clinic first thing in the morning. A “cleaning” procedure has been scheduled for her at 3:00pm today (Malaysian time).

Yes, I do feel saddened by this whole ordeal; but hey, this is life. We score some points and we take some hits as well. Some more significant than others. The most important thing is to move on positively.

Useful Linux Commands Reference

Read through, try out, understand, enjoy and more importantly share!

From last Friday to Sunday, PIKOM PC Fair came to town. On Saturday, I decided to check out the wares on sale. It wasn’t a case of casual booth-hopping. I was actually looking for a specific equipment; a fan and heatsink combo for my aging (but still useful) Athlon Thunderbird processor. The processor may be old, but it runs on the still pretty common Socket A architecture.

So there I was, just in time to see the doors open for the 100 or so early birds (not really that early since the fair starts at 11:00 am). Surely I can find the heatsink of my dreams, right?

Well, sadly that was not the case. There were probably over a hundred readily built PCs on sale. There were probably just as many notebook computers as well. However, it was never my intention to buy any of those products.

I then saw booths from a couple of famous PC component vendors and decided to check them out. They have everything from processors, RAM, video cards, casings, portable hard drives and the ever present USB thumb drives. Hell, you can see hundreds of USB thumb drives wherever you’re looking during PC Fair. So prevalent were USB thumb drives, they probably should use it as a mascot!

As I went booth-hopping, it dawned on me that the odds for me to find a vendor who has a heatsink for sale was as much a me being struck by an 8GB USB thumb drive.

I then took a step back and looked around me. I noticed that the prices for hardware that remotely interested me was about the same as retail. I found it hard to find any component that was priced below market rate anyway. Motherboards, RAM modules, VGA cards, hard disks… all sold at retail prices!

So were there no deals at PC Fair? Sure they were; for mice, keyboards, headphones, combo card readers, printers… basically items that techies like me couldn’t give a hoot about. I concluded that PIKOM PC Fairs are not targeted at people like me. These PC fairs are probably used more as a way to offload excess peripherals (especially USB thumb drives).

Perhaps it’s better to rename this event to PIKOM Peripheral Fair… and use a USB thumb drive as the mascot!

As for my heatsink? I got one from Landmark IT Mall just across the road. Bleh!

I’ve upgraded several of my blogs to WordPress 2.5. However, I noticed that two of them didn’t handle 404 (Page Not Found) errors properly after the upgrade. Every invalid URL gets redirected to the index page; worse still, they returned a 200 server response code which tells the browser that the URL is valid!

Another bad outcome of this bug is that your sites won’t get verified in Google Webmaster Tools.

This problem only occurs on WordPress blogs that uses a page (instead of the more common latest posts listing) as the front page. So how can we fix this?

The good news is that this is a known problem for the WP devs and that a patch is already available. The bad news is that this fix will only be released in WP 2.5.1; and the release date is unknown.

You can apply the fix manually by editing the /wp-includes/query.php file. The offending code is on line 922:

if ( ('page' != get_option('show_on_front') ) || ( $reqpage != get_option('page_for_posts') ) ) {

Change it to:

if ( ('page' != get_option('show_on_front') ) || ( $reqpage !==get_option('page_for_posts') ) ) {

Yes, the only change needed is the additional equal sign as highlighted above! Save the file and your WP 2.5 installation should render 404 errors correctly now.

Hope this helps those who are in a similar situation!