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Hero’s Body Flown Home

Agent Nicola Calipari, who was instrumental in securing the release of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, was needlessly killed by the US occupying forces in Iraq as they approached a checkpoint.

Of course, the self-proclaimed messiah of democracy, promised a full inquiry to this latest incident… but we know from previous experience that the findings of all US government inquiries should be taken with a fistful of salt, pepper and MSG.

The US forces said that the victims’ car approached the checkpoint at high speed. Ms Sgrena claimed that what the Americans are saying are blatant lies. What we do know for sure is that a hero died performing his duties with full commitment and undying sense of responsibility.

To the family and friends of the late Agent Calipari, my deepest condolences goes to you. It’s sad to see yet another innocent life being taken in this unnecessary conflict.

Feeds Up

The feeds from LQ’s Slackware forum and OSNews are up and running now. I found out that it’s not really difficult to set up on WP, if you can find the right plugin. For me, the RSS Link List plugin does the job nicely.

The next phase of my plan for HTNet would be to make it more graphical. I’m looking for ideas on how to spice up my site. Feel free to give suggestions… but for now, I’m gonna catch Newcastle vs. Liverpool on telly.

Go Magpies!

Kernel 2.6.11 Released 2 Days Ago

WTF! How did I missed this? Perhaps I was too busy trying to rebuild HTNet during the time… yep, that’s it.

Anyway, the goodies can be downloaded at, or the nearest mirror site. The changelog is available here.

Rebuilding a Site Image

HTNet has always been a non-default look site, regardless of whatever CMS I used in the past. Although I’m not really an aesthetically gifted person, I can, and have been producing 100% XHTML valid sites which look good (to me at least :-p).

It now seems that I have to do this again with WP… But for the time being, I’m quite happy to use this WP theme called Steam by Samir M. Nassar. It is the only dynamic width WP theme that I can find in roughly 15 minutes. Even if I don’t use it permanently, it is an excellent base theme to start hacking on :-).

So far, WP has been just about what I needed at present without wasting time developing my own site engine.

HTNet is Back

…with bloody vengeance! Due to my (soon to be previous) incompetent web host, the previous incarnation of HTNet was lost forever. What have I learned from this? Mercumaya are ran by bloody idiots. To an extent, my faith in BSDs are negatively affected as well because of these clowns.

Anyway, I’ve decided to do away with e107 because it really is overkill for what I plan to do with HTNet from now on. Make no mistake though, it’s not that I lost confidence in e107… I sincerely believe that it is one of the best PHP & MySQL powered CMS out there.

Now, I’ve got a new toy to play with, and WordPress is its name.