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PDF Ads: An eBook Marketer’s Wet Dream?

According to CNet News, Adobe and Yahoo! are working together on a solution to integrate contextual ads within a PDF document. The ads would be in text and rendered specifically at the right side of the document content. The article didn’t mention if there are any plans to expand the ad format to include images or videos.

So what do you think of this co-operation?

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Save Time Opening Your PDF Files With Foxit Reader

In my work, I have to read PDF files on an almost daily basis. From invoices, to manuals, eBooks and everything in between. Which is why I curse the day Adobe released Adobe Reader 8 to the public. This product, although free, is a classic example of software with a severe case of featuritis. For God’s sake, it’s supposed to be a PDF reader, not some programming IDE!

Everything about Adobe Reader reeks of bloatware stench:

  1. The massive 30MB+ download size
  2. The bundling of unrelated software
  3. The strenuously long loading time to open the simplest of PDF files

After a few days of using Adobe Reader 8, I decided enough was enough. Viewing PDFs (or rather, the stupid Adobe Reader splashscreen) shouldn’t take so much of my time. If Linux has a few dozen PDF readers, surely there are some lightweight free ones for Windows.

One of the first Google search result for free pdf reader was Foxit Reader. Read through the web site and noted that it is in fact free of charge and not bundled with spyware.

There is a paid version which has more goodies such as built in editor and other cool PDF manipulation functions, but I passed because I’m only interested in having a lightweight PDF reader to replace Adobe Reader.

After installing Foxit Reader, I immediately opened one of the bigger PDF files I had on my desktop; an 8.2MB user’s guide for a popular software. To my delight, the document opened almost immediately! I’m sold! Foxit Reader is now officially the PDF Reader of choice for me on Windows.

If you are a Windows user who happen to read lots of PDF files, whether for business or leisure, you just got to use Foxit Reader for all your PDF-reading needs.

Believe me, just by using Foxit Reader you’d be able to free up more time for more productive activities.

Adobe: Flex Will Be Made Open Source

Adobe has released a press statement stating that it will be releasing the source code of Flex under the MPL. An interesting excerpt from the press release:

“Open source co-creation is a powerful way to build a strong development community,” said James Governor, Founder of RedMonk. “Adobe’s decision to open source the Flex SDK is a radical move which should attract a new class of developer to the platform.”

Using the MPL for open sourcing Flex will allow full and free access to source code. Developers will be able to freely download, extend, and contribute to the source code for the Flex compiler, components and application framework. Adobe also will continue to make the Flex SDK and other Flex products available under their existing commercial licenses, allowing both new and existing partners and customers to choose the license terms that best suit their requirements.

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Way cool way to kill Microsoft’s so-called Flash-killer, Sparkle; nip it in the bud and let it bleed a vapourware death 🙂