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AMD To Open Up ATI GPU Specs

Perhaps this move will result in better Linux drivers for ATI graphics cards. It does seem to be a step in the right direction by AMD if it’s really implimented.

I’ve always wanted to check out some of the higher spec’d ATI graphics cards but have always refrained from actually purchasing them due to reading about so many problems getting them to play nice with Linux.

If this news is true, then I’d probably be getting an ATI GPU for my next purchase 😉

AMD May Ditch Fabs In Cost Cutting Measures

Currently, AMD have two fabrication plants namely Fab 30 and Fab 36, located in Dresden, Germany. Operating fabs are a very costly affair and apparently they could be the next thing to go in AMD’s current cost-cutting strategy:

Speculation is building in the analyst community that AMD will attempt to further cut costs by outsourcing more—or all—of its chip making as early as 2008. One Citigroup analyst is predicting a “transformational move” that would result in AMD’s lower-end CPUs being manufactured by a third party and possibly selling off part or all of its Dresden, Germany facility. Another report from Goldman Sachs outlines the investment firm’s belief that the company will leave manufacturing completely in the hands of third parties.

I’ve been an ardent fan of AMD processors since God knows how long. The only non-AMD CPU computer I’ve used was a Compaq Presario PC given to me by my dad. Since then, all my subsequent PCs are self-assembled units powered by AMD processors.

My preference for AMD processors is mostly due to the low overall costs involved in assembling a PC on that platform. AMD processors are much cheaper than it’s comparable Intel counterparts. Motherboards for AMD processors are also generally less expensive than a similar one for Intel.

Therefore, I’m hoping that things will get better for AMD. Should anything happen to them, then Intel would surely be a near monopoly in the CPU market. Not that I have anything against Intel, it’s just that I prefer a competitive market because it drives innovation.