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My PHP Cache System Hunt

I’ve been hunting for a nice PHP caching system to be implemented on my server. I’ve looked at APC and eAccelerator. Both looks like a mature and feasible caching system for PHP. I then compiled and installed them (one at a time of course) on the server and I was very surprised by the results!

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Using Local VirtualHosts On Apache 2.0.x

I decided to revisit one of my older posts; Setting Up Multiple Apache Local Web Sites On Your Computer; which was written as a guideline for Apache 1.3.x for both Linux and Windows machines.

I’ve always used Apache 1.3.x for my web development needs (yeah, I’m old school), but this time around though, I need to get some testing done Apache 2.0.x because it’s what one of the server I’m developing for runs.

After downloading the necessary Windows installer for Apache 2.0.x (yes, I’m assigned a Windows XP notebook at work) one thing I discovered almost immediately is that the tips I’ve mentioned in my earlier post doesn’t work on Apache 2.0.x right off the bat.

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