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Effective H1N1 Cure Found: Mystery Chinese Herbs

Excellent Swine Flu Advice (by xaminmo)

Photo Credit: xaminmo

This is probably the most engaging and equally uninformative news surrounding the swine flu pandemic. Quoting Bernama:

BEIJING, July 23 (Bernama) – Chinese herbs have proved effective in the cure of Influenza A(H1N1) in Ditan Hospital, Beijing where 88 out of 117 patients treated for the disease only on the herbs fully recovered and were discharged.

Holy pigs! This is good news, right? That was my first impression too. Seriously, 88 out of 117 is over 75% success rate. Amazing is an understatement!

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FSBM launches UNOS Voice in China

UNOS Voice

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 October 2007 – FSBM Holdings Berhad (FSBM) yesterday announced the launch of UNOS Voice in China. Man You Bao is UNOS Voice for the China market, designed as the latest of its kind fixed mobile converged solution for mobile users throughout the world.

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Swiss Mutual Fund Scam Busted In China

What took them so long?! And I thought Malaysia has slow idiots running KPDNHEP.

Anyway, the modus operandi is typical, and I’m very happy that scammers like these are being choked of their potentially largest victim supply:

Authorities in Tai’an city, in the eastern Shandong province, uncovered the scheme named “Swiss Mutual Fund” in May, which was found to be illegal after investigation, xinhua said.

“It required each investor to pay 8,000 yuan ($1,052) and promised to pay back 400,000 yuan ($52,000) in 30 months”, the report said.

Two men have been charged for the scheme.

The uncovered scheme in Tai’an is just part of China’s campaign against pyramid selling from July 16 to August 15 this year, xinhua said.

Personally, I think that direct selling (both MLM and SLM) should be more tightly controlled. There’s way too much lying and scamming going on in this area.

Chinese Company Sues Google

A Chinese company is suing Google Inc. because the search giant’s Chinese name is too similar to it’s own. Their demand is pretty simple actually; Google should change its Chinese name to something else… anything but the Guge it’s using now:

A spokesman for Beijing Guge Science and Technology Ltd. Co. said Google’s commercial name had led to the company being constantly disturbed by people calling up its office trying to contact the search engine.

“We just want Google to change their commercial name,” Tian Yunshan, a company official, told Reuters on Friday. “We have already passed our demands on to Google … We will see what happens in court.”