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HTNet Guess The New Price Of Malaysian Petrol Results

Unfortunately, nobody guessed the correct price (RM2.70). Worse still, there were only eight participants. So by right, this contest should be nulled and voided.

However, being the good sport that I am, I’m going to give a reduced payout of $20 to the closest guess; RM2.53 by kadclow. Congratulations!

And the suckiest thing is that I’m in KL with only half a tank full and every petrol station I saw has a queue of at least 100 cars waiting to top up!

Petrol Prices To Be Revised: Guess The New Price And Win $30

Petrol Price

Image Credit: TedsBlog

So it’s virtually confirmed; the price of petrol (or gas for you American folks) in Malaysia will be hiked. Abdullah Badawi says it will be announced and implemented tomorrow (Wednesday, 4 June 2008). Shahrir Samad (Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister) says although the announcement might come tomorrow, implementation would take longer.

So who’s right? Our PM flip-flops so much that I find it becoming harder everyday to believe what he says. I tend to swing towards Datuk Shahrir in this issue, primarily because he’s a trained economist and petrol price control is under his ministry’s area of responsibility.

However, I can’t resist the temptation to guess what’s the new price of petrol would be soon. I’m sure many Malaysians and non-Malaysians do to. So why not make this guesswork (or speculation as our beloved PM seems to call it) be both fun and profitable.

I am now officially launching the “HTNet Speculate Guess The New Price Of Malaysian Petrol Contest” where there can only be one winner. The first person who guesses the correct revised price for a liter of petrol in Malaysia will be given $30 (USD)!

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Contest Alert: ProBlogger Birthday Bash Giveaway

Contest freaks rejoice! Darren Rowse is giving away over $54,000 worth of prizes in ProBlogger’s Birthday Bash. Lots of cool prizes are being given away through easy to participate contests.

If you’re feeling especially lucky, why not check out the link and participate in the contests 😉

Copyblogger Copywriting Contest Winners Announced

Copywriting is a necessary skill you need to develop for your business. Although a picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes, the words are the keys to transforming a prospect into a client.

I find copywriting to be something hugely ignored by Malaysian businesses. Poor choice of words in sales copies projects an unprofessional image. Malaysian prospects are a very tolerable bunch when it comes to poor copywriting. However, the few that aren’t are a very vocal bunch. Sooner or later, you’ll get the Emperor’s New Clothes effect on your poorly written content.

I find Copyblogger to be an exceptional resource for sharpening your copywriting skills, especially for web content. Copyblogger recently announced the winners of their inaugural Copyblogger Copywriting Contest.

If you’re interested in improving your copywriting skills (and I think everyone should), you can pick up a few pointers from the winning entries. I hope that Copyblogger will publish all entries along with the judges’ comments, so that we can also learn what not to do when composing our promotional materials.

Contest: Showcase Your Best Post

I’m starting a contest that will only last for two days and open to only those not in my blogroll (ie. blogs not linked in the Blogs I Read section in my sidebar). Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Link in a comment what you think is the best post in your blog. Only one post allowed, all comments with more than one link, or multiple comments recommending different posts on the same blog will be disqualified
  2. Tell us why you think that this is your best post

Simple, right? Of course! I’m a simple guy.

Depending on the number of participants; I will pick up to three winners. What do the winners win? Glad you asked. Winners will be linked on HTNet until 31 December 2007, guaranteed! If I really like your blog, then I will link you permanently.

Comments on this post will be disabled at 11:30pm on Sunday, 22 April 2007, Malaysian time (GMT+8). Winners will be announced by 5:00pm, Monday 23 April 2007.

Why would you want this prize? Because HTNet is a PR5 blog and it is absolutely loved by all the search engines in the world. You know it’s true, that’s why you’re participating!

Blogs with pornography, adult content, alcohol, drugs and other common no-nos need not participate. Not because I’m biased, but I can’t link to you even if you win… sorry!

UPDATE: Since there were only two participants, and I find both posts likeable, I’ve included KY’s Whatever and Cindy’s Foreign Beauty in my blogroll. I’ve also subscribed to your feeds 🙂 Congrats!