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Don’t Trash Your “Failed” Projects

Why? Because it might be the invention of this century!

Pocket Gadget has created a list of accidental inventions that turned out to be some of the most useful things ever created by mankind. I enjoyed reading Serendipity: 10 accidental inventions, that I highly recommend you to check it out as well.

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Creativity: A Stress Combating Tool

I was told that stress is the number one killer. However, it shouldn’t be as there are many things we can do to relieve stress. This can be as easy as making small routine changes (such as avoiding traffic jams) to large drastic life changes (such as ending a stressful relationship).

One of the best ways that you can relieve stress is to engage your creative side. What can you do to get creative? Anything you like, as long as you immense yourself in the creative process!

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