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The Future of Transportation

BP Oil Spill - BP rebranded

Eversince the BP oil leak issue, the evil of oil and its impact on the environment has become a hot topic again. As it is, there’s been extremely slow progress in the R&D of alternative power especially for vehicles.

It begs the question… have we been blinded by the promise of green technology for vehicles that we’ve forgotten to look back at the past for answers?

We already have vehicles that emit extremely small quantities of greenhouse gasses and doesn’t consume even a drop of gasolene. Let’s examine some of the models that you should consider as your next form of transportation.

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Johor’s Sultan Passed Away

I’ve received news of Tuanku’s passing at 7:15pm from various reliable sources. However, I decided against posting anything before the official announcement.

As a Johorean, I will be observing the full mourning period of my sovereign. Al-fatihah.

The Ops Sikap Syndrome: Attitude Problem? Whose?

Highway II (by Kojach)

Photo Credit: Kojach

So Ops Sikap ended yesterday and major newspapers covered the increase in road accidents and related deaths. Almost every interview that covered this topic has some politician or public figure commenting on society’s attitude towards road safety being the primary reason for our blood smeared roads.

In a recent interview broadcasted on TV3, Malaysia’s IGP; Tan Sri Musa Hassan, had even remarked that even if traffic offences are punishable by death, Malaysians would still drive dangerously and with disregard to other road users.

Whether this is true or not, I doubt we’ll ever find out. I’m sure that there are just too many bad drivers in Parliament that will shoot down the dossier to shreds in a heartbeat.

However, I can’t understand why those who gather these Ops Sikap stats are only obsessed with getting the number of accidents, deaths, vehicle type and location. This data merely covers the facts directly related to the accidents.

I’ve yet to see these reports coupled with important supplimentary data like the number of road tax renewals for the past 18 months, or sales figures of road vehicles for the past year.

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Remembering Yasmin Ahmad, A True Malaysian Talent

Yasmin Ahmad (1958 - 2009) (by 水泳男)

Photo Credit: 水泳男

I’ll be honest and say it very early on; I don’t consider myself a fan of the late Yasmin Ahmad’s films. What I do admire her for is her work in the advertising sector.

Yasmin has the knack of delivering strong messages in very short time periods. In TV advertising, what you can deliver in a few seconds decides whether your campaign is a flop or success.

In this context, I cannot find any other Malaysian director who delivers this as consistently as Yasmin.

With this, I share with you some of her amazing work. Al-Fatihah, Yasmin… you will be missed.

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Effective H1N1 Cure Found: Mystery Chinese Herbs

Excellent Swine Flu Advice (by xaminmo)

Photo Credit: xaminmo

This is probably the most engaging and equally uninformative news surrounding the swine flu pandemic. Quoting Bernama:

BEIJING, July 23 (Bernama) – Chinese herbs have proved effective in the cure of Influenza A(H1N1) in Ditan Hospital, Beijing where 88 out of 117 patients treated for the disease only on the herbs fully recovered and were discharged.

Holy pigs! This is good news, right? That was my first impression too. Seriously, 88 out of 117 is over 75% success rate. Amazing is an understatement!

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