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Die Hard 4.0: A Review

Bruce Willis is one of my favourite actors. This is one of the major reasons why I just had to watch Die Hard 4.0.

The storyline is simple. Thomas Gabriel, a talented hacker, is systematically getting rid of all “competition” prior to executing his masterplan; a firesale that will cripple the USA. Next on the list is Matt Farrell.

Fortunately for Farrell, John McLane managed to get to him before the evil hacker’s goons smoked him. What follows is about a dozen shoot-em-up and unbelievable vehicle manipulation scenes before the bad hacker is finally smoke by Mr Yippee-Ki-Ay himself.

So how’s the movie? Well, I’m definitely not impressed! The plot is so underdeveloped that I have no doubt that this is the worst installation of the Die Hard series.

Nothing is wrong with the plot itself; evil hackers taking over the world stuff has been rehashed and regurgitated by Hollywood for quite some time already. I doubt that Die Hard 4.0 will be the last on the topic.

What spoils the movie is that in the process of creating the villain, too many corners got cut. No clear motives (except of the ultimate plan, of course), no sense of character development, no build up. Basically, the villain could’ve taken over the USA without going through all the techno-scheming.

It’s like he’s choosing the hard way just for the hell of it… and sucks at executing the plan.

Overall, I can only give Die Hard 4.0 a rating of 3/5. It’s an average movie that doesn’t do justice to the Die Hard franchise.