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Send Faxes To The USA And Canada For Free!

There are instances when you can’t avoid using faxes as a communication tool. Personally, I have a deep hatred of faxes. I find them outdated and costly, especially when I need to send them to an overseas number.

Thankfully though, there’s a low cost (free even, if you can tolerate ads in your faxes) method of sending faxes to the USA or Canada.

For $1.99 (USD), you can fax over a document to a US or Canadian number without needing a fax machine thanks to FaxZero. The document can be up to 15 pages (I’m assuming it’s for a standard A4 or letter size page) and should be in MS Word or PDF format in order to use this service.

If you’re really cheap, you can even fax a document using this service for free! However, the document is limited to three pages and a cover page containing advertisements will be included in your transmission.

If the fax is for business purposes, I suggest you invest in that $1.99 transmission fee to avoid your recipient having an ad-laced cover page. Surely you don’t want to be seen as cheap (or worse; unprofessional) to your prospects!