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The Future of Transportation

BP Oil Spill - BP rebranded

Eversince the BP oil leak issue, the evil of oil and its impact on the environment has become a hot topic again. As it is, there’s been extremely slow progress in the R&D of alternative power especially for vehicles.

It begs the question… have we been blinded by the promise of green technology for vehicles that we’ve forgotten to look back at the past for answers?

We already have vehicles that emit extremely small quantities of greenhouse gasses and doesn’t consume even a drop of gasolene. Let’s examine some of the models that you should consider as your next form of transportation.

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12 Tips To Save Fuel That You’re Still Not Doing!

Petrol Rush

Photo Credit: Rescue Dog

Nothing bugs me more than people who complain about the rising cost of fuel (or gas, or petrol, black gold, Texas tea… whatever you call it in your neck of the woods). It’s not really rocket science and you can start saving money spent on fuel right now!

I’m not selling you some snake oil gizmos like fuel saving magnets. I’m simply going to tell you 12 scientifically proven ways to avoid spending tons of money on a liquid that you’ll burn anyway.

The following people shouldn’t bother to continue reading this article:

  • People living in Venezuela or Saudi Arabia where fuel is dirt cheap (but everything else is as expensive as sin)
  • George W. Bush (I’m sure you’re happy with how fuel prices are at the moment)
  • OPEC committee members (for the same reason as Dubya)
  • Malaysians who are absolutely certain that Anwar Ibrahim will be our next PM

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get on to business.

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