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BlackBerry Z10: Well or Over-Priced?

BlackBerry Z10

Smartphone users are willing to pay top ringgit for their handsets because in today’s world, our phones are capable of everything from streaming music and movie content to navigating your route and even translating a foreign language. Of course, when we shell out our hard-earned cash for a new handset, we expect it to offer the most-up-to date technology on the market. The new BlackBerry Z10 device has been touted as a worthy competitor to phones from manufacturers like Samsung and Android, and its recommended retail price reflects that notion. But is the Z10 really worth its high price tag? Read on to find out:

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Samsung Galaxy S II: Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Samsung Galaxy S II

Following the huge success and multi-million unit sales of the Galaxy S comes Samsung’s speedy follow up, the Galaxy S II. Contrary to rumours of a delay the Galaxy S II will be launched this April with later release dates in some regions following a standard Samsung release schedule. Since its initial announcement this highly anticipated phone has been bumped up from 1 to 1.2 GHz clock speed on its processors making it sure to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, phones around.

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More Than Meets The Eye: Spy Cams As CCTV Replacements?

Spy Cam

The Internet is chock full of information that finding out something can often become overwhelming. Sometimes though you get lucky and discovered a whole new perspective on the thing you’re researching.

I was looking for information on CCTVs for a project when I chanced upon this store that has a dedicated spy camera section. Suddenly CCTV seems like dinosaurs when compared to the sleek and stealthy cameras disguised as everyday objects (teddy bears, MP3 players, a can of Coke and even a rock to name a few). I always thought that such devices are just seen in movies… and even if they really exist, they would probably be in the hands of spy agencies that would be extremely unlikely to have any interest in an ordinary guy like me anyway.

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Malaysian PC Fairs Are Not For Techies

From last Friday to Sunday, PIKOM PC Fair came to town. On Saturday, I decided to check out the wares on sale. It wasn’t a case of casual booth-hopping. I was actually looking for a specific equipment; a fan and heatsink combo for my aging (but still useful) Athlon Thunderbird processor. The processor may be old, but it runs on the still pretty common Socket A architecture.

So there I was, just in time to see the doors open for the 100 or so early birds (not really that early since the fair starts at 11:00 am). Surely I can find the heatsink of my dreams, right?

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Are You A Hardcore Home Entertainment Buff?

I was looking for ideas on how to convert the smallest room in my apartment into a home-office unit. As usual, my mind concentrated fully on work, work work. Suddenly, it occurred to me that my computer system also serves as my entertainment centre.

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