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Google Founders Get $1 Salary With No Bonuses

One of the biggest finance news last week was AIG’s bonus payment to its execs to the tune of USD$165 million. Nevermind that AIG was essentially bankrupt if not for the rescue package put up by the White House.

Perhaps these people could learn a few lessons from Google’s top executives Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt who each took home salaries of $1 each in 2008.

Use Google Docs Spreadsheets For Online Surveys

I just found out that you can use Google Docs spreadsheets to conduct online surveys using HTML forms.

Results are tallied in real time and so do graphs that represent the responses. I believe that Google may just stumbled into the realm of online survey tools. Whether this is by accident or design is unknown to me.

What do you think of this new feature?

Overseas Publishers Can’t Have Google AdSense Stickers?

The good folks at AdSense have printed out a batch of pretty looking Google AdSense stickers and would like to send some to anyone who requests. They claim that the stickers will be sent to anyone in the world.

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Idea For Google: Using AdSense Income To Supplement AdWords

I’ve been contemplating on getting started with AdWords to start promoting some affiliate products. The thing that’s holding me back for now is that I have no idea how the AdWords interface would be like. In addition to that, I’m also not so sure about how keyword prices and bidding process work in AdWords. In fact, I’m worried I could end up losing too much money in the learning process itself.

Then an idea hit me; wouldn’t it be nice for a Google client to have his AdWords account linked to an existing AdSense account? Meaning, he can use the balance of his AdSense income to fund AdWords campaigns.

What do you think? Is this feasible for Google to implement?

Google Redefining AdSense Clicks

Apparently Google has decided that an AdSense click will only be counted if the mouse pointer is positioned at the title or displayed URL of an ad according to Search Engine Land. Before I even state my opinion on this issue, I would like to say that I’m quite surprised that this information is only disseminated to a select group of publishers.

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