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Smart GPS Assisted Monitoring with TrackWhatMatters

When I purchased my Garmin-Asus smartphone about a year ago, the main reason I chose it over other models was because of its superior GPS navigation capabilities. I still think that my purchase is a wise one because I’m not into apps and games… I just want to reach unfamiliar destinations quickly and safely.

The thing is, GPS is not only useful in making sure we don’t get lost, it can also help businesses track mobile assets like vehicles and cargo; something I learnt quite a bit from

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Intel Processors Messes With Your GPS

In a sense, this is not really a new discovery. We’ve been told to switch off our notebooks, mobile phones, and in some cases even mobile music players in airplanes because its frequencies can mess with the plane’s navigation system.

However, have mentioned in this post that the Swedish Defence Research Agency found that Intel processors seem to have a higher tendency to mess with GPS frequencies. Of course, other processors might not get off scott free either. From the article:

Using a computer in a car, plane, boat, or anywhere a GPS system is used, can mean that the sat-nav device starts working incorrectly. Many modern processors with high clock frequencies – such as those from Intel with frequencies of 1.7GHz, 2.992GHz and 3.2GHz – have been highlighted as possible sources of interference.

“But these are only examples of processors we have chosen to study. I don’t think there would be any difference if we were to pick other types [or processors] since it is the clock frequency of the processor that decides on what frequency the interference occurs,” said Peter Stenumgaard at the Swedish Defence Research Agency.