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Weekend Shopping Time!

Well, I got my first AdSense payment via Western Union on Friday and I must say that it’s incredibly convenient! Very fast and the exchange rate is pretty decent. I received about half a grand in Malaysian Ringgit and that’s pretty substantial.

So substantial in fact, that I’m going to go furniture shopping with my family later in the morning. I do have some items in mind, which includes:

  • Dressing table (hopefully one with adjustable and lighted makeup mirrors) for my SO
  • Coffee table for my living room
  • Cupboard for my son’s room

In JB, one of the best place to go furniture shopping would be Taman Molek. They have all sorts of furniture shop to fit virtually any tastes and budget.

What’s your favourite furniture shopping area? I’d love to get some recommendations!

My Minimalistic Approach To Home Deco

What’s a minimalist? According to

  • a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals or who holds minimal expectations for the success of a program.
  • a practitioner of minimalism in music or art.
  • of, pertaining to, or characteristic of minimalism.
  • being or offering no more than what is required or essential: a minimalist program for tax reform.

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