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Find Icons Easily With Iconfinder

Have you ever got in a position where you want an icon for your project right now, and you just don’t have the time to browse through your icon collection?

Well, most of the time, Google Image Search would come to my rescue; but I’ll still need to perform quite a bit of editing.

That’s why I’m very happy to have stumbled upon iconfinder. It’s very simple to use; you just key in a search term (it even suggests them as you type) and then press Enter. Icons that match your search terms will then be shown to you. Pretty simple, right?

Icons returned in an iconfinder search result are licensed either under the GPL, LGPL or Creative Commons. So please be aware of the icon’s licensing terms and see if they’re compatible with your planned usage of them.

Great Icons Resource: Free Icons Web

For those of your who do graphics and/or web design work, you might find Free Icons Web to be a good resource.

There are literally thousands of icons to choose from and surely you’re bound to find a few that are suitable for your projects.