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iScrewedu: Apple Drops Price Of iPhone By $200

iPhone users woke up in the morning to discover that their expensive toy that can also make phone calls just dropped in value by a whopping 33%. Those who bought three iPhones (of the 8GB variety) could have gotten four of them instead if they were to purchase it today.

Needless to say, lots of iFanboys aren’t impressed. Not so proud to be early iPhone adopters now, eh?

If the current Apple marketing magic continues in this direction, I’ve no doubt that the iPhone will reach Malaysian shores and retail at under RM1000 (just over US$285 at current rates).

Digital Music Players Sales Sliding: iPhone Supposedly Could Make It Worse

Forbes reported that sales of digital music players are waning. After years of growth in this field, chances are the market digital music players is reaching saturation point. From the article:

Music player sales are also being cannibalized by surging interest in cell phones with music players, says Ross Rubin, director of consumer technology industry analysis at the NPD Group.

The situation could worsen starting June 29, when the Apple Inc. iPhone, a music playing cell phone, goes on sale.

Now, that last paragraph I must disagree with. No matter how you look at it, the iPhone is not innovative in all of its published plus points:

  1. It’s not the first mobile phone with touch-screen controls
  2. It’s not the first Internet-enabled mobile phone
  3. And it sure as hell isn’t the first mobile phone with multimedia capabilities (read music and video playing)

I’m beginning to get irritated reading how the iPhone will supposedly change mobile phone usage forever. It won’t. All the so-called “features” of the iPhone has been readily available for ages.

I for one don’t use an iPhone; yet my Motorola SLVR L7 is not only my mobile phone, it’s also my calendar, digital camera, video recorder, Internet access device and file sharing gadget. Yes, it’s also iTunes-enabled, but why would I want to use that?

And somehow the iPhone will make digital music players a thing of the past? Yeah, right! Apple has yet to showcase anything groundbreaking since Mac II… and I don’t think the iPhone will change this fact.