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Johor’s Sultan Passed Away

I’ve received news of Tuanku’s passing at 7:15pm from various reliable sources. However, I decided against posting anything before the official announcement.

As a Johorean, I will be observing the full mourning period of my sovereign. Al-fatihah.

8 Pictures For 08/08/08

Yeah The Olympics begins today and I have a feeling that it’ll be awesome! The Chinese believe that the number 8 signifies prosperity, and this makes today 8 August 2008 one of the most auspicious dates in our lifetime.

To celebrate the occassion, I’ll be sharing eight pictures I took from my trip to Desaru Damai Beach Resort (warning: butt ugly web site which doesn’t do justice to the place!) last week.

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The Day JB Drowned

Yesterday was the wettest day I’ve seen in JB my whole life. Floods and fallen trees were everywhere! Apparently, such weather conditions occur once every 100 years, although frankly, I don’t trust the Drainage and Irrigation Department, regardless what their so-called records say.

More coverage of this phenomenon by NST and The Star.

Yesterday, about a quarter of my colleagues came in past 10:30am. And today, a handful took emergency leave because they reached home hours later than normal (one girl only arrived home at 3:00am, after leaving office at 5:45pm sharp!).

Community Hero: Encik Panjang

The Star published an article about good samaritan, Encik Panjang (he decided to keep his full name private), who fixes potholes in parts of Johor Bahru. This wouldn’t be a worthy news if not for the fact that Encik Panjang doesn’t work for the municipality, the real authority that should be doing this in the first place. He helps the community without expecting any compensation.

Being a Johor Bahru citizen myself, I am very familiar with this problem. Our roads, to put mildly, are shit. Probably just as shitty as the bloody idiots who run MBJB (Johor Bahru City Council) and MPJBT (Central Johor Bahru Town Council). Don’t the assholes that are in charge of these two entities not drive themselves? Last I checked, none of the staff there commutes using helicopters, therefore it’s bloody ridiculous that they’re not aware of the situation themselves. From this, I can deduce that these people are just a bunch of ignorant, lazy assed idiots who “makan gaji buta” (Malay saying for people who take salary but don’t do the work).

Hopefully, with this media coverage, they would get off their collective asses and fix our damn roads. Encik Panjang couldn’t do this by himself… not that he’s even supposed to, mind you. Johor Bahru is the southern entry point for foreign visitors. What sort of impression are these incompetent government bodies trying to project to them?

Encik Panjang is one of the rare breed of modern day heroes that thrive to make a difference in the lives of those around him, regardless of how these people perceive him. In these days of politicizing but no leadership, I’d rather put a perceived mad man on the pedestal, rather than politicians who are all talk, but no action. At least Encik Panjang acknowledges the problem and took action to overcome it, unlike our media-whoring politicians who only talk about it… provided there are enough lenses focusing on him/her.

Encik Panjang, you are my hero and I salute you for your efforts.

Pictures of Hutan Bandar

Hutan Bandar is one of the rare places of green tranquility in Johor Bahru. It spans over 32 hectares and is maintained by MBJB (Johor Bahru City Council). Translated to English, Hutan Bandar means “City Forest”. In the deeper parts of Hutan Bandar, you would literally feel disconnected from the hustle and bustle of JB. It’s a really strange, yet calming feeling to have, especially over the weekend after a full week of corporate battles and mental drain.

Some of the facilities available at Hutan Bandar are:

  • Lots of lush green flora.
  • Seven scenic lakes.
  • Children’s playgrounds.
  • Jungle Trek.
  • Exercise facilities.
  • Camping site.
  • Children’s swimming pool.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken during my last visit to Hutan Bandar.

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