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Inserting Data Into MySQL From Excel Using VBA

seun asked in an old post of mine, Interfacing with MySQL via Excel; whether it’s possible to submit data from Excel into MySQL.

Yes, it is very much possible to do this. In fact, I’ve written a tutorial on how to do this with the help of VBA.

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Bill Gates Retiring

I’m not a big fan of Windows (especially Vista), but I admire the power behind Office. Both these products are key products by Microsoft Inc. When you mention Microsoft, the first person you’ll think of will almost surely be Bill Gates.

Mr Gates will be retiring from his duties at Microsoft and intends to focus on his charity outfit, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Microsoft web site has dedicated a video section outlining BillG’s career at Microsoft, but you’ll need to have Silverlight installed in order to view it… which is why I didn’t.

All the best Mr Gates… thank you for your contribution to computing history.

Some PowerPoint Tips You Will Find Useful

Microsoft PowerPoint Tips

Photo Credit: garethjmsaunders

I rarely do any presentation related work but I’ve been doing quite a bit of Microsoft PowerPoint related stuff for the past two weeks and have discovered these PowerPoint tips and tricks that I would like to share:

  • Converting a PowerPoint Show to Slides
  • Embedding YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations
  • Converting Your PowerPoint Slides Into Flash Presentations For Free!

Hope you’ll find them as useful as I did!

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Excel Worksheet Removal Using VBA

I deal with Excel spreadsheets a lot in my work, but strangely I found that I never shared anything regarding MS Excel on HTNet! Well, this ends today.

I’m no fan of Microsoft, but I honestly think that their Office suite is the best office productivity software package bar none. And out of all the members in the Office suite, Excel is simply the best among them. There’s really a lot you can programmatically tell it to do.

One of most common ways to automate tasks in Excel is by using VBA. You can read more about VBA on Wikipedia.

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5 Things You Can Do To Make Windows More Secure

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use Windows. The reason is simple, by using Windows you as a consumer put yourself at the mercy of a corporation with a history of shady behaviour.

Nevertheless, I understand that adopting an alternative operating system is not an excercise that’s mentally or physically feasible for many people. The fact is most computer users are lazy. We tend to pick the path of least resistance; and this means sticking with the OS that we’re used to or that comes preinstalled with our computers.

However, there’s absolutely no excuse in making your computer insecure and potentially becoming a launchpad for attacks on other computers connected onto the Internet. Securing your Windows computer is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, it’s not only easy, but it can be done for free!

Essentially, there are five bases you need to cover to use Windows securely and I’m going to highlight them here.

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