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Oscars For Slumdog Millionaire?

I just watched Slumdog Millionaire last week after absorbing the unavoidable buzz around it for the past two months. My expectations were low as I’ve never been a Bollywood fan. In fact, I loathe Hindi films because a huge majority of them are so predictable and stereotypical.

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Die Hard 4.0: A Review

Bruce Willis is one of my favourite actors. This is one of the major reasons why I just had to watch Die Hard 4.0.

The storyline is simple. Thomas Gabriel, a talented hacker, is systematically getting rid of all “competition” prior to executing his masterplan; a firesale that will cripple the USA. Next on the list is Matt Farrell.

Fortunately for Farrell, John McLane managed to get to him before the evil hacker’s goons smoked him. What follows is about a dozen shoot-em-up and unbelievable vehicle manipulation scenes before the bad hacker is finally smoke by Mr Yippee-Ki-Ay himself.

So how’s the movie? Well, I’m definitely not impressed! The plot is so underdeveloped that I have no doubt that this is the worst installation of the Die Hard series.

Nothing is wrong with the plot itself; evil hackers taking over the world stuff has been rehashed and regurgitated by Hollywood for quite some time already. I doubt that Die Hard 4.0 will be the last on the topic.

What spoils the movie is that in the process of creating the villain, too many corners got cut. No clear motives (except of the ultimate plan, of course), no sense of character development, no build up. Basically, the villain could’ve taken over the USA without going through all the techno-scheming.

It’s like he’s choosing the hard way just for the hell of it… and sucks at executing the plan.

Overall, I can only give Die Hard 4.0 a rating of 3/5. It’s an average movie that doesn’t do justice to the Die Hard franchise.

Review: Transformers

I’m a huge fan of the original Transformers cartoon series watching countless hours of it during my childhood years. I’m pretty damn sure that The Transformers: The Movie (not to be confused with the one I’m about to review soon) was the first cartoon that made me cry. Yeah, not Bambi, not some tearjerker by Disney… you couldn’t believe how heartbroken I was to see Optimus Prime die.

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Review? This Is SPARTA!

Finally got to watch 300 over the long weekend break. Let’s cut the long story short.

Basically, the story is about a civilization that discovered steroids (how else can you define a population where 100% of its male population have washboard abs and built like tanks) fighting probably an army of about a quarter of the world’s population at the time lead by Dhalsim. However, in this story, Dhalsim has an affinity for extreme body-piercing and was actually Persian and goes by the name of Xerxes.

Oh, Gollum was in this movie as well. Again, playing the role of the betraying bastard. However, he has a spear and a shield in 300. Nevertheless, his diabilities prevent him from using his shield properly. He was therefore deemed to be a security hazard and therefore expelled from being part of the 300.

Had Gollum been successful, this film might be called 301: Moved Permanently.

Here’s why you should watch 300:

  • Awesome combat scenes… and I’m not talking about the cowardly Tomahawk, Patriot and Scud long range shock-and-awe bullshit! I’m talking about good old swords, spears and blood… the works!
  • Battle rhinos! Let me repeat that frickin’ battle rhinos! Way better than any Sherman tank; unfortunately, has about the same lifetime
  • The best quotes ever to reach the silver screen

If you love massive war movies, this would be right up your alley. Amazing visuals, stunning scenes… who cares if the plot is shite!