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Why You Should Turn That Great Idea Into A Product NOW!

I’ve been receiving unexpected surprises for the past few days. I’m not someone who likes surprises but for these, I make an exception.

The first surprise is that I noticed my short URL generator has been receiving a lot of traffic for the past few weeks… and that’s only part of the surprise. has also been receiving daily AdSense clicks for almost a whole week! For almost an entire year before that, it only had two or three clicks total. So this is a welcome improvement.

I’ve also noticed that it has attained a PageRank of 3; this is of no importance for a URL chopper but it’s appreciated nonetheless; thanks to’s users, linkers and Google 🙂

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How To Get Thousands Of Salesmen Without Worrying About Salary

Shareasale - Party Your Way to More Sales!

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The economy is in a dreadful state. It’s not hard to convince anyone that this is the obvious fact. This fact has been driving companies and businessmen like me crazy! Almost every step forward you take will be pegged back by two or more steps in reverse.

Every day, you check out your sales stats and you’ll say prayers to the Lord if you break even for the day! Why? Because you know that sales is the life force that drives your business to fight tomorrow’s battle.

And how does one push out more sales? Getting more salespersons is one obvious answer. If only it’s that simple! Here are some of the important things you need to consider when employing a salesman:

  • Salary
  • Medical benefits
  • Marketing kit costs
  • Cost of time spent in meetings instead of actually selling your products
  • Commissions

I feel you pain! But I suggest that you now take a deep breathe before reading the next sentence.

What if I tell you that I can give you access to more than 250,000 salespeople to sell your products online for under $1000? That’s less than an experienced salesman’s monthly salary!

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Sold For 450 Euros

I didn’t expect to reveal this information less than 24 hours after my last post… but my PayPal cash register just rang… Kaching!

I managed to sell for €450 through Sedo. Sedo charges €50 for securing a buyer for my domain, but I believe that getting €400 is more than a fair price to get from a domain that I was under-utilizing anyway. Sold!

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Offloading One Of My Domains

Enthusiasm is hard to keep up. I find this very true when it comes to my online projects. I’m guilty of not giving more attention to projects other than HTNet (this blog). In fact, even HTNet has gone through long periods of neglect which resulted from offline issues like work and others.

I’m in the process of retiring one of my earlier undertakings. I’ve found a party that’s interested in taking over the domain. Right now, the process is in the advanced stage and essentially I’m just waiting for the money to roll in.

If you’re a regular reader of HTNet, I think you can guess which of my domains I’m offloading 😉

How To Sell Products Directly From Your WordPress Blog

Recently, a friend asked me, “Could I run a shop within WordPress?”

I’m sure that she’s not the only person who wondered about this. After looking around, I found one of the best tools to integrate an online shop with your WordPress blog: WP e-Commerce.

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