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An Experiment In Kitchen Macro Photography

When people talk about macro photography, they generally mean taking extreme close-up photos of an object. Typically, macro photography subjects tend to be flora or insects. This is hardly surprising though, because much finer details can be seen on these subjects through macro photography.

Photography purist define true macro photography as capturing an image where the subject is projected onto the camera’s sensor close to its actual size.

I’m not a purist when it comes to macro photography, and generally I define macro photography as extreme close-ups of the subject.

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Flashing At Pretty Ladies

One huge benefit of being a Sony Alpha DSLR user is that Sony organizes a lot of events for us. Workshops, seminars, shooting sessions; you name it, we have it… and for free! So pfftt to you Canikon peepz 😛

Anyway, I had the opportunity to join one of these workshops; Sony Alpha Flash Workshop, yesterday (Saturday, 6 June 2009) at Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru. Coincidentally, yesterday was my first anniversary of being a DSLR owner. One year on and I’m still in love with my α200.

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What Digital Photography Means To Me

I bought my Sony α200 on 6 June 2008. In about three weeks time it would be my first anniversary as a DSLR user. Since that purchase, I’ve bought a couple of lenses, a tripod, a protective filter and a strobe (flash unit). If you think that’s too much subsequent purchases for a hobby; believe me there are others who are way more absorbed in their photographic gear than yours truly.

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