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Printing: Still Standing Strong in the 21st Century

In this digital age where softcopies of data can be transported globally within a heartbeat, it’s easy to miscategorize printing as “old school” and overlook it altogether. However, if you think about it a bit the buzzword of yesteryear was “seeing is believing”… but right now, like it or not, this is no longer the case. Now is the era of “feeling is believing”, and nothing makes the belief stronger than feeling a real piece of literary material in your hands.

Studies have even demonstrated that potential customers are more likely to remember and respond positively to printed promotional material compared to most other media. This is to be expected as we’re more likely to relate to something material rather than an object that’s merely virtual. Prints have texture, colours, shape and even smell. Therefore, abandoning prints might be somewhat unwise, and only do so at your own peril.

Chances are, printing may not be a core aspect of your business; therefore it may be wise to outsource it to experts in business printing services, like Presslink.

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