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Malaysian Budget Hosting Faceoff: Exabytes vs Shinjiru

Many of us experience running our own web sites through blogging. The first steps are pretty straightforward; register with Blogger or and put our thoughts into writing. Then we learn a few tricks like embedding images and videos into our posts.

Later on, we start to explore other blogs for ideas and inspirations; leaving comments along the way. By this time, we will get comments on our blog posts too… and I’m sure it’s exciting to start getting regular readers on our blogs!

What many people discover next though isn’t as exciting as the first few steps. Some got irritated by the lack of control of their free blog hosting service. Some would like to monetize their content through ads but couldn’t do so as the terms and conditions of their free blog hosting provider doesn’t allow it.

So what’s next? Self hosting is where most people move on to… but who can we trust with our web content? How much is it going to cost?

In this post, I’m going to review the offers made by two of Malaysia’s leading web hosting provider; Exabytes and Shinjiru.

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K Alliance: A Total Online Training Solutions Provider

K Alliance

There’s no denying that IT and computers have assimilated into virtually every business area that exists right now. The traditional business disciplines like accounting, management and human resource have been targeted by IT and right now there are many software packages that integrate these functions and more.

Now imagine you’re in the IT line itself. Gone are the days when IT people merely provide support and firefighting services whenever a system has gone bonkers. Today’s IT workforce are expected to be dynamic, self-motivated and constantly updated with the latest technological trends.

Traditionally, IT personnel went through the same traditional classroom-based training programs. But as work becomes more demanding and free time is a luxury that many don’t have, alternatives like online computer training; like the one provided by K Alliance, have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years.

I’ve had the opportunity to review the courses offered by K Alliance and the technology implemented to deliver these solutions. In this post, I’d like to share them with you.

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Universal Document Converter: A Document Compatibility Problem Solver

Universal Document Converter

The advent of computing makes document management much easier from the days of pen and paper. Reproduction and duplication nowadays are close to 100% pixel perfect.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that that modern document management doesn’t come with negative issues of its own. With the current batch of software, compatibility is one of the major culprit that is faced by organizations of all sizes.

A software solution that admirably reduces this issue is Universal Document Converter; an application that can convert literally all document formats into Adobe PDF files, a global standard in portable computer generated documents.

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Review: Web Hosting Bluebook

Web Hosting Server

Image Credit: Craig Rodway

When deciding on a web hosting deal, it is beneficial to go beyond host web site hopping. In fact, you’ll be much be much better off visiting web hosting review sites and building your shortlist from there. If you’ve been to web hosting review sites, you’ll understand that getting useful information requires about potential hosting providers can be tiring. In fact, at the end of the day you’ll end up with too much data but not enough information to make an informed decision.

A new web hosting review site that tries to make a difference from the start is This is my review of Web Hosting Bluebook, and I hope it will be useful for web hosting seekers out there.

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Getting A Sweeter Hosting Deal Using Coupons

If you’re a regular reader of HTNet, you’d know that I’ve been looking for a new web hosting provider. The good news is that the server has been reasonably stable since then. The bad news, for my current hosting provider that is, is that I’m still going to switch to a competitor.

As server operating costs become lower by the year, you can now get decent hosting packages at reasonable prices. Heck, some annual packages now cost less than a monthly fee ten years ago!

However, with this benefit comes a curse; where can you find reliable quality hosting at affordable rates?

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