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Potential Web Malware Warning:

I received the following MSN Messenger IM from a couple of contacts:

hey!! you really have to check this site it’s awesome, now you can see who blocked or deleted you :D:D!! try it right now (Y)

I was instantly suspicious because the form on that particular web site requires you to enter your MSN username and password. For those of you who still couldn’t detect what’s so bad about it: You should not trust any third party web site who ask you to enter passwords for other external services or web sites.

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Top 13 Worst Web Hosting Companies

Interesting… not a Top 10 list, but a Top 13 one instead. Web Hosting Unleashed has published a list of Top 13 Worst Web Hosting Companies.

Interestingly came up tops. Why does this name seem so familiar? Hmm… now I remembered, they are hosting the scam HYIP site

On a related note, I’ve been asked by a friend to check out yet another online investment site, very much similar to; Wow, hosts them too! And yeah, is definitely yet another HYIP scam targetting Malaysians.

Gaman at has an interesting writeup which covers this area. The post is in Malay. Basically it translates to A Discussion On Internet Investments and Get Rich Quick Schemes. Worthy reading if you understand Malay.

Who Really Owns Your Domain Name?

This is one of the most prevalent scams in the web hosting industry; get a free domain name with your hosting package. Where’s the scam in that? Isn’t that a bonus?!

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What’s With Malaysians and HYIP?

Disclaimer: This writeup entirely reflects my opinion on this issue. Don’t take them as facts. However, even as I disclaim this, please take into mind the old adage: caveat emptor; let the buyer beware.

I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for Malaysians who seem to rush into whatever is the latest HYIP fad that’s in fashion. Some of the more apparently popular program right now is ABBFund and WinliFund. I know that ABBFund is definitely dead as you can see from its supposed URLs:

  • A listing of an obviously abandoned directory
  • Uses a frame to hold, a web site of a legitimate engineering company that has nothing to do with HYIP. To me, this is very irresponsible and further proves the criminal mindset of people behind ABBFund

Now it seems that all the hype is about WinliFund. Check out its home page. How can people with even half a brain not spot the glaring errors in the menu items; Researches and Contacts. They can’t even spell properly!

Scroll downwards and you’d see a link to a privacy policy in the footer. When you click on it, you’ll be greeted with a page full of lorem ipsum. If they somehow fix this, here’s the Google cache of WinliFund’s “Privacy Policy”.

The entire site is ripped off a template somewhere and they didn’t even bother checking it out before publishing it. But I guess you really have to move quick when your business is time-sensitive, you know, like, err, scamming.

In addition, check out’s whois info. Now tell me, if you’re running a successful investment company would you hide your domain’s registration info from the public? No reputable company would ever do that.

Aren’t there enough red flags there already? Probably you’d like to read what Malaysia’s Deputy Finance Minister has to say about the legality of such schemes (or should I say scams).