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Got Rid Of My Stalkees Page

When HTNet was first conceived, I had a sidebar list full of links to blogs I find dear to my heart. It stayed on HTNet’s pages for more than a year. It also grew in size as I found more and more blogs that I visited frequently.

Then came a phase in my life where stupid things like Google PageRank and SEO brought out the linking “artist” in me. I came to the conclusion that linking liberally might be bad for HTNet’s own ranking.

About two weeks ago, I reached enlightenment and decided, “To hell with Google and other search engines! This is my blog and I can pretty much damn well link whoever I thought deserve it!”

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Does Know Something Their Publishers Don’t?

Recently, TLA has been sending out emails to publishers notifying them of changes to their affiliate URLs. Apparently TLA is now using TinyURL’s redirecting service to replace their direct affiliate links.

According to the email, the reason for these changes are:

  • To shorten the referral URL
  • To secure the affiliate link

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Exposed: Search Engine Ranking Myths

In this age and time, even a hobbyist blogger understands the basics of SEO. Those who expect to make money from their blogs will undeniably put in significant effort in making their web sites more search engine friendly.

Here are what most people would focus their optimisation efforts on:

  • Achieving some sort of keyword density ratio in posts
  • Bolding or emphasizing keywords
  • Getting linked from other related web sites and blogs

Want to know something I’ve learned? All of the three things mentioned there have little (in fact it’s close to zero) effect on how well your site ranks for search results you’re gunning for. Continue reading if you want to find out why the above are literally duds when it comes to SEO.

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