There’s no denying that IT and computers have assimilated into virtually every business area that exists right now. The traditional business disciplines like accounting, management and human resource have been targeted by IT and right now there are many software packages that integrate these functions and more.

Now imagine you’re in the IT line itself. Gone are the days when IT people merely provide support and firefighting services whenever a system has gone bonkers. Today’s IT workforce are expected to be dynamic, self-motivated and constantly updated with the latest technological trends.

Traditionally, IT personnel went through the same traditional classroom-based training programs. But as work becomes more demanding and free time is a luxury that many don’t have, alternatives like online computer training; like the one provided by K Alliance, have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years.

I’ve had the opportunity to review the courses offered by K Alliance and the technology implemented to deliver these solutions. In this post, I’d like to share them with you.

The most obvious thing I noticed when visiting K Alliance’s web site was the sheer number of courses available. Virtually all the big names are covered:

  • Cisco
  • Red Hat
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • CompTIA
  • Business Objects (of Crystal Reports fame)

It is by far the most comprehensive online training course offering I’ve seen in a long time. You can view the complete list of courses offered by visiting this alphabetical listing of all courses offered by K Alliance.

I’ve also noticed that K Alliance have put in significant efforts in ensuring that your coursework data is protected from unauthorized third parties. One of the solutions that K Alliance have employed is the use of a USB dongle that is custom made for each course participant. Each dongle is unique and acts like a key that unlocks your own set of course content.

Being in the online training business, K Alliance have invested significant resources in building one of the most robust LMS infrastructure today. So even if IT training is not one of your organization’s key goals in the short or medium term, you can leverage K Alliance’s technology by integrating your own course content. At prices as low as $5.00 per user monthly, this is a solution worth taking a closer look at.

Overall, I’m confident that K Alliance offers a complete end-to-end solution for most online training needs. To further examine this cost effective knowledge delivery route, I recommend that you take up K Alliance’s offer of trying out some free demos of their course content.

For more information about K Alliance, please visit their homepage.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Photo Credit: emma.c

I was born 31 years ago on this date. Three decades on this earth… wow! I’ve met so many interesting people and done so many deeds that I’m very proud of.

To commemorate my 31st birthday, I’ve decided to list down 31 things that I believe in. I try to run my life as closely as I can to these 31 points. I’m sure there will be revisions to this list just as I’m sure there are things to be added to it.

But as it is, here are The 31 Things That I Believe Everyone Should Know.

  • Not everything goes as planned, but things will go a lot better with at least some level of planning
  • Money isn’t everything but everything needs money
  • There are things you can teach children but they are better educators when it comes to appreciation
  • Perfect timing is a myth, especially when it comes to doing anything life changing
  • There’s only so far you can go by playing safe
  • Always be willing to try anything at least once, it’s the only way to be sure
  • When you’re not happy with what you’re doing; stop!
  • The only reason you’re not seeing a better potential is because you stopped looking
  • Everyone gets the same amount of time in a day, the successful ones utilize it better
  • Sometimes we need a break… everyone does!
  • Taking action and analyzing potential can be a tricky thing; when stuck, trust your gut instinct
  • Sometimes when you have no control over the situation, just try to get by safely and gracefully
  • Crazy people can give you great ideas and inspirations, it’s the psychotic ones you should watch out for
  • If you worry too much about making something that breaks you won’t be making anything
  • Improvise. Always. Even when you’re not told to do so!
  • Go out of your way to meet people. It’s almost always profitable
  • Stop lamenting about the “good old days”, they’re never coming back
  • There’s nothing you can do about your past, but the future starts now. Try not to mess it up!
  • Sleep cures a lot of pain, but don’t get overdosed on it
  • Small things usually give the greatest benefits
  • Always listen to people when they are angry with you, the tend to be most honestthen
  • Trust the evidence, even when emotions tell you it can’t be true
  • Appreciate nature. You grandchildren might never see the things you’re seeing
  • Take one step at a time, as quickly as you can. Because the world isn’t going to wait for you!
  • Don’t fear failure because it’s just a signal to get back on track
  • You can gain knowledge by doing something somewhere at some time. Always!
  • Jealousy is normal, just don’t let it consume you.
  • There’s a difference between being competitive and being a saboteur; competitors have honour, saboteurs don’t
  • The only reason to let an undertaking run on auto-pilot is when it’s stable and self-sustaining
  • Opportunities don’t pop up, you have to find them
  • Nobody can make it by himself. Your destiny is decided by those you have around you.

Happy birthday to me 🙂

Change is an incident beyond norm. There are certain changes that are caused by you and others are totally independent of your actions. Some changes are positive and others are negative. One thing that’s sure is that changes happen around us all the time.

Humans are generally change averse creatures. Most of us prefer the familiar over discovering new ways to do thing. If it’s not for the explorers, tinkerers, geeks and boffins we lot would have gone nowhere! We’d still be living in caves and hunting for food.

The fact is that the world around us keeps changing. Our ancestors realize that some days are colder than the norm. Out of necessity they discovered fire, used fur and leather as clothes, reared animals and farmed. Why? Because keeping the status quo will ultimately lead to their doom.

I’m setting myself up for change too. Soon my days of being an employee will end. I decided to take the entrepreneurial path as my next move. It might seem that I’m bringing this change to myself, but there are external factors that have guided me this way as well.

I see some changes on how businesses in the 21st century are operating. These changes will inevitably come to Malaysian companies too and those who don’t (or won’t) transform themselves will fold. My task is to ensure that this won’t happen to my clients.

Enough about me. Do you realize that things are changing all around us? Information travels much faster and virtually unfiltered nowadays. Turnaround time of product delivery is now calculated in minutes and seconds. The line between home and office aren’t that clear anymore (perhaps even non-existent).

So are you ready for these changes and more? You should, because the world sure as heck won’t be waiting for you.

Anyone can create web pages

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

I’ve been asked hundreds of times to quote for a web site project. Nothing strange about it, right? The thing is, the web site projectconsists of only one page!

So have I ever taken any of these one page web site projects? Not even once. So what do I normally do then? Well, I just informed the person that he can actually create a simple web page himself with software that might already be available on his computer.

Almost all of them are shocked to find out that they can actually create web pages using software that is normally already installed on a typical computer. They thought that creating web pages must be done by professional web developers or by using expensive web development software!

Well, if you’re among this group of people I’m going to tell you how you can create simple web pages using commonly available software.

Believe it or not, all of the commonly used Microsoft Office applications can create web pages from its native file format.

You can save Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and entire PowerPoint presentations as web pages by using the Save As function under the File drop down menu.

For Microsoft Word, I recommend that you save your document as Web Page, Filtered. It provides a cleaner output compared to the normal save as web page option.

I also found that quite a lot of PowerPoint presentations that’s exported as web pages can only be rendered properly using Internet Explorer. It probably uses a lot of IE-specific instructions that can’t be rendered perfectly by better web browsers.

If your computer doesn’t come with Microsoft Office and you aren’t particularly impressed by its price tag, don’t worry. There’s a perfectly suitable free alternative in the form of and it can save documents as web pages and PDFs as well. For those who spend most of their computing time online, then you can make use of Google Docs and later save your work as HTML.

If you’d like to have more web-specific features in your web page composing software without having to grapple with code you might want to check out KompoZer, a WYSIWYG web authoring tool. It’s free, open source software and there’s a version of KompoZer for the most common operating systems; Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

Web page composition is not just for professionals. Anyone can do it and it’s a pretty useful skill to have nowadays. With the right mindset (ie. eager to learn) and the proper tools, you can be creating beautiful web pages in no time at all.

I’ve always preferred a minimalist approach to life. If a program can be written in 500 lines, then it should. Does this make me a stingy person? No, it doesn’t. I see myself as a pragmatic person. Bring me in to solve a problem… one specific problem. Everything else is either unrelated or should be tackled differently.

Believe it or not, being pragmatic is very profitable. I’m always referred to when there’s a problem to be solved. However, those who are closest to me soon understand that I’m not a fixer but a coach; I don’t solve your problem, I teach you how to solve that specific problem so you won’t do it again.

I charge a lot for my services because undoing a problem is not as exciting as creating them in the first place. Nevertheless, it is an important business process. Without learning how to undo a problem and also avoid causing them in the future clients are doomed to repeating them ad infinitum.

This is another reason why I charge a flat fee. I don’t believe in charging by the hour or some other periodical calculations. Should it matter if I could show you how your problem happened in 10 minutes or 10 hours? I don’t think so. The important thing is that the objective in hiring me is met.

I should be taking the same approach with my blogging. I’m pretty sure that I overuse words a lot in my posts. Let’s see if I can improve in this area.

What about you? Are you a wordy person when it comes to your blogging?