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Petrol Prices To Be Revised: Guess The New Price And Win $30

Petrol Price

Image Credit: TedsBlog

So it’s virtually confirmed; the price of petrol (or gas for you American folks) in Malaysia will be hiked. Abdullah Badawi says it will be announced and implemented tomorrow (Wednesday, 4 June 2008). Shahrir Samad (Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister) says although the announcement might come tomorrow, implementation would take longer.

So who’s right? Our PM flip-flops so much that I find it becoming harder everyday to believe what he says. I tend to swing towards Datuk Shahrir in this issue, primarily because he’s a trained economist and petrol price control is under his ministry’s area of responsibility.

However, I can’t resist the temptation to guess what’s the new price of petrol would be soon. I’m sure many Malaysians and non-Malaysians do to. So why not make this guesswork (or speculation as our beloved PM seems to call it) be both fun and profitable.

I am now officially launching the “HTNet Speculate Guess The New Price Of Malaysian Petrol Contest” where there can only be one winner. The first person who guesses the correct revised price for a liter of petrol in Malaysia will be given $30 (USD)!

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Congratulations Datuk Shahrir Samad!

I’ve always been an admirer of Datuk Shahrir Samad. I believe he epitomizes the die hard spirit of Johoreans. He’s been through so many negative experiences but time and time again he rises from the ashes. He’ll always be a phoenix in my book.

Due to my utmost respect for Datuk Shahrir (who also happens to be my MP – Johor Bahru), I am very pleased to have learned that he’s now Malaysia’s new Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP).

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