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Who Wants To Marry An Astronaut?

Probably, a better title would be; Who would Dr Sheikh Muszaphar marry? I’m just playing with the title.

Anyway, news just broke that Malaysia’s first astronaut (or space flight participant, if you’re so inclined to describe him as that) would like to end his bachelorhood sometime before 2009. This leaves him with roughly 13 months of freedom 😉

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It’s Tough Being A Malaysian Astronaut

At around 9:22pm tonight Malaysian time (GMT+8), Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will be Malaysia’s first astronaut. He’ll be flying to the ISS (and into the history books) via a Soyuz rocket blasting off from Kazakhstan.

You might think that he probably has the best job any Malaysian can have. But I have a feeling that it’s probably not as rosy as it seems. Here’s why:

  1. Many Malaysians are politicizing his trip; saying that it’s a waste of public fund, that Dr Muszaphar is merely a government sponsored space tourist and not a “real” astronaut
  2. Politicians are trying to use him as a “space ambassador of Malaysia” by suggesting that he brings along sambal belacan, roti canai, teh tarik and batik into space
  3. The religionazis are busying themselves with finding 1001 ways to “teach” Dr Muszaphar on how to perform his religious duties in space

It’s really a shame that the Soyuz Dr Muszaphar will be boarding to outer space could only fit a few passengers. If only it could carry more people, I’d probably recommend that he brings along the following people:

  1. Bloody overly-political Malaysians who will always skew anything into a race, political or religious perspective
  2. Politicians – all of them useless buggers
  3. Religionazis: For Milky Way’s sake; religion is a belief! Get over it already!

…and dump them into a black hole somewhere.

To Dr Muszaphar, just focus on the mission and don’t give a hoot to what these idiots have to say. You’re going into space anyway, and probably none of these morons even have 1% of your IQ to even understand the significance of this mission.