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Malaysian Budget Hosting Faceoff: Exabytes vs Shinjiru

Many of us experience running our own web sites through blogging. The first steps are pretty straightforward; register with Blogger or and put our thoughts into writing. Then we learn a few tricks like embedding images and videos into our posts.

Later on, we start to explore other blogs for ideas and inspirations; leaving comments along the way. By this time, we will get comments on our blog posts too… and I’m sure it’s exciting to start getting regular readers on our blogs!

What many people discover next though isn’t as exciting as the first few steps. Some got irritated by the lack of control of their free blog hosting service. Some would like to monetize their content through ads but couldn’t do so as the terms and conditions of their free blog hosting provider doesn’t allow it.

So what’s next? Self hosting is where most people move on to… but who can we trust with our web content? How much is it going to cost?

In this post, I’m going to review the offers made by two of Malaysia’s leading web hosting provider; Exabytes and Shinjiru.

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