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Joomla: A CMS Solution Worth Considering


For the past week, I’ve been messing around with Joomla, a mature and robust CMS. I’ve installed and played about with Joomla on and off for the past couple of years. During this time, only one thing has put me off Joomla: it feels very complicated.

I consider myself competent when it comes to online publishing platforms, which is what Joomla is essentially. However, when it comes to the administration interface I always felt lost. A default Joomla installation has six administration menu groups and roughly 50 child menu items. Add a few more components and modules and you’d end up with over 100 administration pages.

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Upgraded To WordPress 2.5.1

The first bug fixing build of WP 2.5 has been released. Before upgrading, you might want to read more about WordPress 2.5.1. A list of all bugs fixed in this build is listed here.

I’m very disappointed that the improper 404 handling bug is still in WordPress 2.5.1. Apparently the situation regarding this bug has gotten more complicated since my last visit to the ticket.

Miranda: The Light Instant Messaging Client

How important is instant messaging (IM) in your online life? For me, I don’t spend much time at all on IM. However, it is an important communications medium for me as a lot of my colleagues, friends and clients use it as the main method of staying in contact.

There are many popular IM protocols; Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger and Google Talk (which actually runs on the Jabber protocol) are among the more well-known. I have contacts on all these protocols, but running dedicated IM clients for each of them would be out of the question.

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Improper 404 Error Handling Fix For WordPress 2.5

I’ve upgraded several of my blogs to WordPress 2.5. However, I noticed that two of them didn’t handle 404 (Page Not Found) errors properly after the upgrade. Every invalid URL gets redirected to the index page; worse still, they returned a 200 server response code which tells the browser that the URL is valid!

Another bad outcome of this bug is that your sites won’t get verified in Google Webmaster Tools.

This problem only occurs on WordPress blogs that uses a page (instead of the more common latest posts listing) as the front page. So how can we fix this?

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Tapeless Backups Using rsnapshot

I’ve been using rsnapshot to backup the /home partition on our Samba server since God knows how long. rsnapshot takes the pain out of backup maintenance on Linux systems and is very easy to set up.

rsnapshot is one of those tools that you just need to configure once and once working as expected, there will be no more tinkering with it ever.

To help you get started with minimal problems, go through the documentation. It’s written systematically and should give you more than sufficient information.