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Weird Spam Comments

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been receiving a lot of (attempted) spam comments with the following format:



For the name, it will be the first 10 characters of the seemingly random string (it could even be part of some hash algo like MD5), and it will be linked to a .us URL of the same hostname (eg.

Have you experienced something similar on your blog?

My Splogging Experiment (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of a previous post; My Splogging Experiment (Part 1). The objective of this experiment is to find out whether splogging is a worthwhile online revenue generation method. If you haven’t read Part 1 of this experiment, I recommend that you do so before reading the rest of this post.

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My Splogging Experiment (Part 1)

I’ve been wondering why splogging (spam blogging) is becoming more prevalent nowadays. The first thing I suspected was it must surely be profitable monetary wise. Why else would anyone hop on the splogging bandwagon if it wasn’t for the money?

Rather than just wonder about it, I decided to give it a try. I created a (now deactivated) subdomain on (I’m not about to invest on a proper domain just for an experiment) and started building my experimental splog.

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Mailing Lists: Spambait Or Useful Information Resource?

If you’re confused by the title, let me just clarify; I’m referring to mailing lists of the electronic kind (ie. email mailing lists). Typically, this means subscribing to an email newsletter of some sort.

I still subscribe to a few mailing lists. Nevertheless, if I were to be given RSS subscription options then I would jump ship in a heartbeat. I never really fully trust mailing lists in the first place. Regardless of whatever disclaimers, opt-out facilities, or other reassurances that my email address will only be used for that particular subscription I will never know for certain that my email wouldn’t be sold to a third party.

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Why Irrelevant Sponsored Links Are Evil

I’ve been seeing more and more irrelevant sponsored links in the blogosphere. In fact, I think the situation’s getting worse every passing day. Nothing kills my interest in a post more quickly than seeing an irrelevant sponsored link in the body of the post.

There are three reasons why I think irrelevant sponsored links are evil:

  • Sponsored links are of questionable sincerity
  • Sponsored links are deceptive and misleading
  • Sponsored links benefit bloggers and sponsors but not readers

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