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Drama At Newcastle United… Again

Newcastle United Football Club

It’s tough times again at my favourite Premier League football club, Newcastle United. And again it involves a former Chelsea person, Dennis Wise. The last time I remember NUFC being in a similar mess was when we had Ruud Gullit as manager. I guess ex-Chelsea people just brings bad luck to Newcastle United… maybe that’s not true, but they sure can drive good Geordies away though!

Apparently there’s a clash of personalities between Kevin Keegan and Dennis Wise. Although I have much respect for Keegan, he has yet again shown the world that he is a quitter. I don’t know of any managerial position that he had held in his career that didn’t end with him quitting. He’s always the one who wanted out and I just hope for his sake that the next gig he gets won’t end the same.

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