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Backing Up And Restoring Your MySQL Database Via Command Line

One priceless benefit of having a web hosting provider that gives you SSH access to the server is that there’s a wealth of command line tools that can make data management very easy for you. In this post, I’m going to illustrate how you can use some of MySQL’s command line tools to back up (export) and restore (import) your database.

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Downloading And Manipulating Images Using The Linux Command Line

Any decent Linux-based web hosting service would allow customers to access the server via SSH. SSH is short for Secure Shell. Using SSH, you can access your web hosting server to perform administration as well as file manipulation.

To know if your web hosting provider allows customers to access their servers using SSH, you need to ask the contact person. You would also need an SSH client. If you’re using Windows, I recommend that you download PuTTy.

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Upgrading Your WordPress Installation Via SSH

Do not fear the shell! If you have SSH enabled web hosting, you should use it to upgrade your WordPress installation. Believe it or not, it only consists of a few steps (note that the instructions below assume that WP is installed in ~/public_html/):

  1. Login via SSH to your host
  2. Go to a temporary directory: cd /tmp
  3. Grab the latest WP archive: wget
  4. Extract the archive contents: tar xzf latest.tar.gz
  5. You should now see a wordpress directory extracted in the currect location, go in it: cd wordpress/
  6. Copy the default themes to your WP install’s wp-content/themes directory: cp -R wp-content/themes/* ~/public_html/wp-content/themes/
  7. Copy the bundled plugins (Hello Dolly and Akismet) to your WP install’s wp-content/plugins directory: cp -R wp-content/plugins/* ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/
  8. Delete the wp-content directory: rm -rf wp-content/
  9. Copy all other files and directories of the new version onto the WP installation path (overwriting the older ones): cp -R * ~/public_html/

To complete the process, run the WP upgrade script at http://yoursite/wp-admin/upgrade.php.

That’s it! Enjoy your upgraded WP!

Why You Should Opt For SSH-Enabled Web Hosting

A huge majority of web hosting companies use Linux servers to host their clients’ web sites. There are plenty of good reasons why Linux is the preferred operating system for a web hosting server, among which are:

  • Linux is a stable and secure operating system
  • There’s a wide variety of Linux distributions to choose from; including free community supported ones, as well as those which offer support contracts
  • Linux supports a huge variety of hardware platforms and devices
  • The Linux kernel undergoes a constant improvement and enhancement process
  • Linux is open source, thus making the code underlying it probed by thousands of eyeballs dedicated to making it better

One feature that makes Linux servers particularly useful is that you can perform remote administration on it via SSH. SSH is a command line interface that provides a secure and encrypted way of connecting to a remote server.

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