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TM Faces Submarine Cables Issues Again!

Whenever I feel that my Internet connection is acting up again, the next web page I load up will be TM’s news releases page.

I suspected that the increasingly unreliable SMW submarine cables snapped again; was glad to find out that it’s not. Nevertheless, it’s still an equally disruptive circuit fault.

Yet again, TM has demonstrated how poor it is in selecting (or investing in) critical submarine Internet connectivity infrastructure.

I hope that this incident can be rectified much sooner than the ridiculous two weeks they took to fix the previous SMW4 cable issue.

Of course all this won’t spare me from the inquiries I’m bound to receive from my friends and customers hosted on my US-based servers.

Poor Internet Sevice Is Destroying Malaysia’s Image As A Tech Hub

The Internet Is Temporarily Unavailable

Photo Credit: Leia

For the past 11 days, I’ve been bombarded by accusations that my company’s server is slow. As much as I explained that the server performance is on par with service standards of developed countries (in fact, we’re doing much better than most), the truth of the matter is, regardless of where your server is located; you will always be subjected to your ISP’s failures and incompetencies.

For any problem (especially Internet connectivity related ones), one must find the source of the bottleneck. In our case, it has been Streamyx’s “service interruption” that has been going on since 20 December 2008.

Nevermind that the server has been performing admirably since that period for the rest of the world. The painful truth is that my customer base is almost entirely located in Malaysia. Even more painful is the fact that almost all of them are Streamyx customers; that monolithic, incompetent, self-absorbed, competophobic, poor excuse of an ISP.

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