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Do You Use WiFi With Linux?

I will soon be having broadband Internet connection installed at my home. Yep, my abode will finally have net access. However, I’m having a dilemma right now in terms of internal cabling.

My apartment has two phone outlets; one in the living room and one in the master bedroom. There’s also a small room which I plan to convert into my home office. The problem is, this room is nowhere near either phone outlets!

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Court: Copyright Infringer Must Use Windows

Scott McCausland was convicted of illegally downloading one of the Star Wars series some time in 2005. He’s now under probation after serving five months in prison.

A condition of his probation includes him consenting to periodic checks on his computer by a probation officer and/or monitoring software. McCausland in not against this, but apparently the monitoring software only supports Windows and not McCausland’s current OS, Ubuntu Linux:

“I am consenting to all of it, but it just so happens that the OS I use might not be supported by the software they use to monitor. So I do not feel (neither does my lawyer) that the government can force me to switch OS.”

McCausland has now started an appeal on his website to cover the cost of buying Windows.

So what’s a pirate to do in this situation? Launch a “Windows Tip Jar Campaign” of course 😛

Securing Your Ubuntu Installation

I’m a recent convert to Ubuntu and I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience. Ubuntu is a stable, feature-rich and user-friendly Linux distribution; therefore it’s no mystery why it has become the fastest growing Linux distribution in recent history.

Although the default installation is decently secure, there are some tweaking that you could do to make it even more secure. You can find out how to do this and much more from ITSecurity’s Big Ol’ Ubuntu Security Resource.

Morse Code Stuff On Ubuntu

Wow, wonders never cease! That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I read mypapit’s post on Morse Code Training on Ubuntu Linux. Apparently, there are a lot of useful applications to assist you in sharpening your morse code skills!

My favourite among the featured apps would definitely be codegroup. Now, who would have thought that transfering files via morse code is actually possible!

Technical Details on Dell’s Ubuntu Offering

Dell is to announce the sale of computers preinstalled with Ubuntu Linux. Prior to the announcement, Direct2Dell published an overview of what customers can expect from this offering.

I think that Ubuntu is an excellent distro to be shipped as standard OEM OS. I’ve been using Ubuntu exclusively at home for more than two weeks, and needless to say, I’m totally smitten! It is by far the easiest Linux distribution to get up and running.

At first, I’m a bit annoyed by the weird sudo setup Ubuntu uses. However, it’s just a matter of getting myself adjusted with how to work with the distro. I’ll be very honest here, I don’t really miss Slackware that much.

I believe that Dell’s move to ship preinstalled Ubuntu systems will be a success. It’s a win-win situation for both the Linux community and Dell in the making.