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Inter-Continental Union Merger Talks In Progress

Amicus, the UK’s largest manufacturing union, is holding talks with United Steelworkers in what could lead to the formation of one of the biggest unions in the world. If the deal goes through, the combined union will have over 3 million members.

The BBC covered this news and I quote an excerpt of the article:

The BBC’s Stephen Cape said it was the first time such an international merger has been mooted.


He said it was a reflection of the changing world, where union influence was in decline yet there was a growing need to fight global companies.

Although there are different labour laws in other countries, a super union could put pressure on companies and their managers, he added.

Personally, I’m not fond of the concept of trade unions. I believe that workers will have more negotiation power on a one-to-one basis with management as the value of the individual would be reflected more fairly. Although I must state that for the average to low performing workers, being in a union might be a good way to save their collective arses.