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A List Apart Left To Expire?

When I visited A List Apart a few minutes ago, I was greeted with a very unfamiliar web page. Wait, it’s actually quite familiar… an expired domain parking page. Ouch!

ALA is a very useful resource for those interested in modern web design. I hope they do get the domain back. Strangely though, the whois records show that the domain will actually expire in May 2009.

Malaysian Political Party Web Sites Are Internet Junkyards

I did an overview of the web server platforms used by Malaysian political parties a few days back. I then decided to go further and examine the actual contents of the linked sites, hoping to somehow link to the fact that we’re going to have a general election very soon.

I can conclude that Malaysian political parties are absolutely clueless on harnessing the power of the Internet to their advantage in the upcoming elections. Continue reading to find out the abysmal failures of our political parties in using web technology to garner support from Malaysian netizens.

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Is Web 2.0 Gaining Adoption By Non-Web Businesses?

I was surprised when I stumbled on this web site showcasing land for sale. No, it’s not due to their overwhelming inventory and sales value, but more on the web site design in general. It’s modern and sleek and more commonly associated with Web 2.0 applications rather than traditional businesses like selling real estate!

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Correlation Between Furniture And Web Design

I’m not sure whether it’s coincidence or just typical path of evolution; web design and furniture seems to be going in the same direction. Let’s take two distinct categories of furniture and compare them with each other: modern furniture vs classic furniture; and see how they evolved as well as how we can relate it to web design.

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Free High Quality Themed Web Templates

I got a cool web idea that I’m starting really soon and I need to invest significant development time to get it up and running. I got no problem with that… I build systems for a living. However, one area I’m admittedly unskilled in is web design. I can’t design a pretty site to save my life!

Since this project is to be up and running almost immediately, I can’t afford to create really pretty web designs by myself. So where do I turn to? Google of course! A quick query or two later I was on the pages of Free Website Templates.

I immediately fell in love with this awesome resource! Here are some reasons why:

  • The templates are themed. This means you can get instant previews and download of web designs for everything from fire rescue squads to rock bands!
  • Almost all the web designs listed there are XHTML compliant; a big plus in my books! The rare few that aren’t need only minor modifications to be compliant
  • A large majority of the designs are of commercial quality if you ask me; yet they are provided for free

So now I know where to head first whenever I need a themed web design. Too bad there’s no search interface for Free Website Templates; this would definitely improve what’s an almost perfect web design resource.