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Visually Analyze Your Website Loading Time


Having fast loading websites are important to professional webmasters and hobbyist bloggers alike. If your web pages fail to load quickly you’ll lose a significant portion of your visitors.

Almost everyone wants instant gratification. Even with the best SEO and content optimizations your website is competing with hundreds of millions of other web pages available online. Therefore having fast page load speeds will stop you losing visits to the next item in a search engine results page.

A basic web page load test involves using your own computer to view your web pages and time them manually. However, this is not the best method because there are too many variables that will skew your benchmark.

One of my favourite web page load speed testing resource is Pingdom Tools. The rest of this post will explain why.

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Simple And Quick Ways To Create Web Pages

Anyone can create web pages

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

I’ve been asked hundreds of times to quote for a web site project. Nothing strange about it, right? The thing is, the web site project consists of only one page!

So have I ever taken any of these one page web site projects? Not even once. So what do I normally do then? Well, I just informed the person that he can actually create a simple web page himself with software that might already be available on his computer.

Almost all of them are shocked to find out that they can actually create web pages using software that is normally already installed on a typical computer. They thought that creating web pages must be done by professional web developers or by using expensive web development software!

Well, if you’re among this group of people I’m going to tell you how you can create simple web pages using commonly available software.

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Using A Logo As A Linked Header

XHTML Tags Illustration

Image Credit: Tom Morris

I’ve just modified the header for HTNet. During this process, I decided to use a logo as the main header (<h1>) for the pages throughout this web site.

Previously, I would have just linked the image directly and assuming that the search engines would be able to “read” the alt and title attributes that I’ve assigned to the image being used (in this case, it’s the logo).

I’ve read what must surely be a better way to do this in Anthony Baggett’s excellent post; Replace Your Blog Title with a Logo. Although he disclaims himself of being an SEO expert, I do feel that his method is in fact heading towards the right direction in that area.

However, I can’t help but think that surely there’s a better way to do this. This was what I set up to do yesterday.

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Essential Tools For Your Web Development Toolkit

One category of projects that I find myself engaging most often is web development. From simple one page prototypes to a full blown web application, the fundamentals remain the same regardless of the size of each undertaking.

In this post, I would like to share some tools I find useful when constructing my projects. Who knows, they might be beneficial for your next web development projects too!

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