If you’re a regular reader of HTNet, you’d know that I’ve been looking for a new web hosting provider. The good news is that the server has been reasonably stable since then. The bad news, for my current hosting provider that is, is that I’m still going to switch to a competitor.

As server operating costs become lower by the year, you can now get decent hosting packages at reasonable prices. Heck, some annual packages now cost less than a monthly fee ten years ago!

However, with this benefit comes a curse; where can you find reliable quality hosting at affordable rates?

I’ll be straight up with you, one of the hosting providers I’m seriously considering is HostGator. I know that they’ve been around for ages! It also seems that they’ve grown a lot during that time.

Nevertheless, it’s only prudent that I do some research before subscribing to their services. I’m also in no rush as my current hosting term will only expire in May 2007, so I have just over half a year to find a better deal.

One of the sites I stumbled upon while searching for HostGator reviews was HostGatorReviews.com. The layout is simple and very user friendly in my opinion. You can pretty much navigate around the site very easily without getting overwhelmed.

It has over 40 reviews of HostGator covering all their services which include; Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Servers. That’s a pretty high number by any standards, especially for a site focused on just one hosting provider!

Another surprisingly wonderful aspect of HostGatorReviews.com is that it also showcases HostGator Coupons! You can get almost ten bucks off your purchase of any HostGator package by using the coupon codes listed there.

If I were ever to jump on board the HostGator ship, I might take another peek there again. Who knows, there might be better offers then!