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Live Demo Of Section Specific Text Widgets

I’ve been asked to provide a demo of how my Section Specific Text Widget work. I’m more than happy to oblige 🙂

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Working On A Few WordPress Stuff

Over the past 48 hours I’ve been working on two WordPress related project; a theme and a widget. I’m gunning on completing the theme before Saturday because I’m going to KL and spending the entire next week there.

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Wonderful Early Morning Surprise

I received an email from Kay Mackenzie yesterday. In the email Kay states that she’s been using the Single Bookmark Category List WordPress Widget on her two blogs; Quilt Puppy Show & Tell and All About Applique. Both blogs focus on the topic of quilting. She liked the widget so much that she wanted to PayPal me a donation as a token of appreciation.

I’m very surprised that Kay was actually motivated enough to ask me as to whether I’d accept donations for creating the widget. Needless to say, it put a smile on my face. I provided her with my PayPal address and a few minutes ago I received a generous amount from her.

This is the first time I had received a donation from somebody who found that a few lines of code that I had given away for free is worth her time and money. For this, Mrs Kay Mackenzie, you will always have that special place in my heart and mind.

Thank you.

Single Bookmark Category List Widget 2.0 Released

WordPress 2.3’s new taxonomy thingamajig broke the previous SBCL widget. Therefore, being the benevolent widget producer that I am, I’ve released Single Bookmark Category List Widget 2.0.

Please note that only WP 2.3 users should use this new version.

Most Commented Posts Widget Released

Ever wanted to list your most commented posts in your sidebars? Now you can do this easily via HTNet’s Most Commented Posts widget!

Simply activate the widget and you can get a customisable list of your most commented posts anywhere on your widget-enabled WordPress theme 🙂

Thanks to N4R for the initial inspiration and PapaJoneh for beta testing.

Download the Most Commented Posts widget directly here.