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Useful Writing Links

I apologize for not updating HTNet for days now; I’m currently swamped by things at and beyond work. I’m actually forcing myself to post this so I can share a few useful writing links I found earlier.

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When Everything Else Is Just Cruft

I’ve always preferred a minimalist approach to life. If a program can be written in 500 lines, then it should. Does this make me a stingy person? No, it doesn’t. I see myself as a pragmatic person. Bring me in to solve a problem… one specific problem. Everything else is either unrelated or should be tackled differently.

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What’s Your Ideal Writing Environment?

I’ll be straight to the point; I need help! Specifically, I need some advice on the ideal writing environment. I have a couple of ideas that I want to put into writing but every time I’m at the keyboard, the words just won’t flow from the idea to my head and ultimately onto the keyboard. I’m stumped.

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Humour As A Writing Theme

Writing is a form of expression, you can express ideas, opinions, observations and other brain products. Of course, having an idea of what to write is only the beginning. Personally, I always find the “theming” process of writing to be more challenging.

Basically, there are a few writing themes that are commonly used. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Informative (analytic and scientific, mostly boring to readers outside the specific target audience)
  • Creative (fiction seems to be among the most creative literature)
  • Opinionated (advocates a point of view; may seem biased but is good food for thought if you take a neutral stance)

Humour is also a writing theme… and it’s like a double-edged sword. Some might “get it” while others might be lost on the idea. Some people might even find it down right offensive!

However, executed brilliantly, humour can be a pretty effective writing theme. You can blend information, creativity and opinions and serve it wrapped in humour. Believe me, everyone appreciates good humour.

While scouring the web for an example of good writing presented humourously, I stumbled upon Pet Diaries.

In this written piece, the author highlights the contrasting approach to life held by two common household pets; a dog and a cat. It seems to be a complex blend of informative, creative and opinionated writing yet it’s easily digested even by readers with even the shortest attention span.

I won’t spoil the fun for you… read it yourself! After that, tell me what you think about the piece. You should know by now that I love hearing from my readers 🙂

How To Get Better At Writing

Blogging is a good writing exercise; provided you’re sincere, honest and truthful about your writing. Another thing that you should always keep in mind is that writing is a skill. Skills can be sharpened. All you need is practise!

Let’s take a look at some tips you can use to make you become a better writer.

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