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Yahoo! Pipes Now Supports Serialized PHP Output

Yahoo! Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulation tool. It can combine, filter and sort multiple feed data and spit out a single customized feed that you can use for yourself or share with others.

Before today, JSON has been the only way for you to obtain the output data of a Pipe. Now, Yahoo! has provided a second way to do this: serialized PHP.

I’m sure those who are more proficient with PHP will find this feature very useful. Thanks Yahoo!

PDF Ads: An eBook Marketer’s Wet Dream?

According to CNet News, Adobe and Yahoo! are working together on a solution to integrate contextual ads within a PDF document. The ads would be in text and rendered specifically at the right side of the document content. The article didn’t mention if there are any plans to expand the ad format to include images or videos.

So what do you think of this co-operation?

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Is There A Right Way To Design Your Home Page?

Back in the 90s, the home page concept was all the rage. Yahoo! built an entire business model around the home page concept and they’re still doing it to this very day. Nevertheless, in this Web 2.0 age, is the home page model dead or has it merely evolved?

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Asians Prefer Yahoo! Over Google And Microsoft

comScore has released what it calls as a comprehensive review of Internet usage behaviour. The study covers ten countries in the Asia Pacific region.

One of the most interesting bit of information presented by the report is that Asians overwhelmingly frequent Yahoo! sites more than Google ones. Out of the ten countries surveyed, Yahoo! ranks number one in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Aussies, Kiwis and Chinese prefer Microsoft domains.

An interesting thing to note is the fact that in South Korea, the most Internet-enabled country in the survey, NHN Corporation web sites are the most visited, followed by Lycos and Microsoft sites. Lycos?! Who would’ve known!

The survey also shows that Malaysia has a 45% Internet penetration rate. Not bad, right? But it could definitely be better, especially when Singapore has 58% and Australia 62%.

Terry Semel Steps Down As Yahoo!’s CEO

After intense pressure to step down from the post, Terry Semel has finally succumbed to the calls. Replacing him as CEO is Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, someone who’s seen to be more tech-savvy than Mr Semel.

The announcement had an immediate impact on Yahoo!’s share prices (quoting the linked CNN Money article):

Shares of Yahoo surged 3 percent in heavy trading on Nasdaq Monday as speculation mounted that Semel might step down – and the stock rallied another 4 percent in after-hours trading.

Wall Street seemed to welcome the promotion of Yang since he is viewed as being far more tech-savvy than Semel, who had a background in traditional media before joining Yahoo.