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WordPress 2.3 Released

Just when I have made some minor tweaks to my theme, WordPress 2.3 has also been released. Talk about weird coincidence. Anyway, I won’t be upgrading quickly, but I do feel that I’ll get all my blogs upgraded by middle of next week.

I usually wait a while after a major release of WordPress to read more of other people’s upgrading experience… mostly to get a “feel” of the potential problems I might face.

Mind you though, I did try out WP2.3-RC1 and it was mostly smooth sailing although it choked my post categories (because I choose to slug them as “tags”) and bookmark categories as well. But it wasn’t hard to fix anyway.

If you’re a WP user do you have plans to upgrade? Why and why not?

6 responses to “WordPress 2.3 Released”.

  1. ethel Says:

    I might not upgrade all my blogs, yet.. I just upgraded them last week! Aiya.. WP comes up with upgrades quite often lah, so lazy to upgrade all the time! 🙁

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    But the last one was a security update.

    If you’re lazy to upgrade I will gladly help to do updates for your blogs. But first you must confirm that your host have SSH access.

    Of course there’s a price to pay 😉

  3. ethel Says:

    Ohh.. really appreciate that help, Azmeen. But I’m not really sure if my host have SSH access. To be honest, I don’t even know what that means. :mrgreen:

    And another reason why I’m too lazy to upgrade is because I use my own smilies for all my WP, so when it comes to update, I have to “modify” the WP files (ie. replace the smilies and the smilie code). 🙁

  4. papajoneh Says:

    Just noticed this info in my dashboard. What already out! Hmm, wait 1st until it really settled down.
    Ethel, I also have no idea what SSH too, i just know they’re damn fast. So fast like you blink, the files there already. Ok, I probably exaggerating here 😀

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    You can just ask them, most decent hosting providers will.


    Yeah, I ain’t rushing into this either. But like I said, I did try the RCs and it wasn’t too much hassle provided you know what you’re doing and also more importantly, you know your blog.

    I’m planning to upgrade SB first and see how it goes from there.

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