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Overseas Publishers Can’t Have Google AdSense Stickers?

The good folks at AdSense have printed out a batch of pretty looking Google AdSense stickers and would like to send some to anyone who requests. They claim that the stickers will be sent to anyone in the world.

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Idea For Google: Using AdSense Income To Supplement AdWords

I’ve been contemplating on getting started with AdWords to start promoting some affiliate products. The thing that’s holding me back for now is that I have no idea how the AdWords interface would be like. In addition to that, I’m also not so sure about how keyword prices and bidding process work in AdWords. In fact, I’m worried I could end up losing too much money in the learning process itself.

Then an idea hit me; wouldn’t it be nice for a Google client to have his AdWords account linked to an existing AdSense account? Meaning, he can use the balance of his AdSense income to fund AdWords campaigns.

What do you think? Is this feasible for Google to implement?

Google Redefining AdSense Clicks

Apparently Google has decided that an AdSense click will only be counted if the mouse pointer is positioned at the title or displayed URL of an ad according to Search Engine Land. Before I even state my opinion on this issue, I would like to say that I’m quite surprised that this information is only disseminated to a select group of publishers.

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Weekend Shopping Time!

Well, I got my first AdSense payment via Western Union on Friday and I must say that it’s incredibly convenient! Very fast and the exchange rate is pretty decent. I received about half a grand in Malaysian Ringgit and that’s pretty substantial.

So substantial in fact, that I’m going to go furniture shopping with my family later in the morning. I do have some items in mind, which includes:

  • Dressing table (hopefully one with adjustable and lighted makeup mirrors) for my SO
  • Coffee table for my living room
  • Cupboard for my son’s room

In JB, one of the best place to go furniture shopping would be Taman Molek. They have all sorts of furniture shop to fit virtually any tastes and budget.

What’s your favourite furniture shopping area? I’d love to get some recommendations!

What Happened To My AdSense Custom Channels?

I’ve noticed that since 23 October 2007, I didn’t have the stats for my AdSense custom channels. At first I suspected that I must have deleted these channels accidentally. It must be my fault because Google couldn’t possibly mess this up being a God and all.

But now, more than 24 hours later, I’m pretty sure all my channels are accounted for and I have not made any adjustments to my web files. It also seems that I’m not the only one with this problem.

What about you? Are your custom channels data showing up right?